Why You Should Choose Vintage Engagement and Wedding Rings

With ample choices available when it comes to you choosing an engagement or wedding ring, it might better suit you to look back in time, rather than forward. By this we mean that you should try and scout out vintage pieces that have already seen decades of love. Although the allure of custom rings is strong for people wanting a ring that reflects their personality, there’s a good chance that such a ring already exists – in the form of an antique ring! Even if you’re set on creating a custom ring, researching antique styles can help you find an altogether new style you can incorporate into your new ring! In this article we take a look at a few reasons why antique rings should be at the top of your engagement or wedding buy list. 

Luxury from another era

Just like styles from a century ago regularly coming back into fashion, looking for wedding rings in Melbourne antique stores can help you find some incredible designs that were understandably popular. These rings, often the pinnacle of luxury during their time, offer an incredible quality of workmanship that is rare nowadays, where the ring manufacturing technology we have today wouldn’t have been dreamed of. For this reason, you’ll often see jewellery techniques demonstrated in these rings that are simply not performed anymore, which can give you some great ideas if you’re looking into having a custom ring made. If you choose to instead buy one of these rings outright, you’ll be able to own a special piece of history – the opportunity to speculate regarding who owned the ring and when can be a really fun exercise, and you’ll be able to know you’re contributing to the unique and storied history of your ring. You’ll also be able to choose a ring that is tied to a certain period of history, such as Art Deco or Victorian times, which can be particularly exciting to the history lovers out there. 

 Saving the planet and your wallet

For those that appreciate sustainability, vintage wedding and engagement rings are an excellent way to use beautiful resources that are already available to us. Rather than organising a brand new ring that will demand labour and resources are sourced from around the world, a vintage ring that has already been created greatly reduces your carbon footprint. For those that appreciate savings, there’s also an opportunity to save a little bit of money with enough persistence. Although some particularly rare rings might cost more than modern rings, you might be able to find some rings from a few decades ago that are much cheaper than their brand new modern counterparts. If this is the case, for your budget you’ll be able to find something with a much more impressive gemstone. As we mentioned before, this might require a good bit of hunting on your part, but the payoff is truly worth it, particularly when your ring is something you’ll get to enjoy for the rest of your life. 

Traditional or modern?

Whether you’re planning on having a custom ring made or looking for a pre-loved ring, looking out for antique wedding rings is the perfect way to find the perfect ring for you. Even if you’re not set on buying an antique ring for yourself, finding an old style you love – such as Art Deco – can inspire the same beautiful touches in your new ring.