How to Stream Xbox One Games on Windows PC and Use Gift Cards From Home Game Outs

With the Xbox One, you can stream your games to your Windows PC. This allows you to use Xbox gift cards from InterOnlineGifts. You can play with your friends as long as you want and make the experience even more fun and exciting.

Streaming Xbox One games using your Xbox gift cards from sites like Home Game Outs to your Windows PC is easy. It’s a two-way process that needs access to both the computer and the console. The Windows PC and the Xbox One should be on the same network, with a fast and strong network connection to efficiently handle streaming. Streaming an Xbox One to a Windows PC is more hassle-free via Wi-Fi connections.

Before you bring your Xbox One and Windows PC together, you need to make sure that both your Windows PC and Xbox One have installed the latest system updates. 

Xbox One Game Streaming

Live streaming gameplay and streaming from the console to a computer are two different ways to play your games, both giving you the advantage of using your gift cards from shops like Home Game Outs.

First, you need to stream Xbox One to a Windows PC, so that it can become a Windows 10 PC with a remote display for the console while being connected to the same network. 

By doing so, you can watch movies, play games or use any Xbox One app using InterOnlineGifts’ Xbox gift card on any Windows 10 laptop, computer desktop, or tablet without moving the console. You just have to make sure that everything is connected to the same network.

Streaming Xbox One games to Windows 10

To set up game streaming from your Xbox One you need to follow these steps :

  1. Go to Settings. Into the preferences, you need to click Allow games streaming to other devices.
  2. After starting the Xbox app on your Windows PC, all you need to do is to click Connect on the left panel.
  3. Choose your console and then click Connect.
  4. To enable streaming, you need to use a USB cable and attach your Xbox One controller to your Windows PC.

During your stream, you will see a toolbar at the top of the screen with two or more options: You can tap the Xbox logo to go home, click off or on for the microphone or click stop streaming.

Streaming Xbox One Games Using Xbox Console Companion App

If your computer is already a version of Windows 10, then you have already installed Xbox Console Companion App. If not, you can obtain it in the Windows Store. You can open the app and log in to your account in Microsoft.

Once you’ve registered to the app, click the menu button located on the left-hand side of the application. Now click Connections, then choose to add a device. It might take some time to find the console since the app will try to find a console in your network.

If the console isn’t found automatically, you can enter your IP address. This is the reason why both your Xbox and PC must be on the same network connection to work.

If you’re already connected, you can see the “now playing” section that will appear on the console. The PC monitor will display the real-time gameplay from your Xbox One.

How to Launch Games From the Xbox App

You can launch apps and games from the Xbox One dashboard while streaming. To launch a game directly from your PC, you need to start the Xbox app, navigate to the game you want to play in the game hub, then select Play from the console.

Controlling an Xbox One Game From Your Windows PC

Controlling an Xbox One game from your Windows PC means streaming while playing a game. This is not necessary if you’re just streaming a movie or a video but when you have to pause the controller, it can be useful.

To do so, you’ll need a micro USB cable to plug your Xbox One controller to your Windows PC, and Windows 10 will recognize the controller automatically.

Can Lagging Be Fixed?

Yes, lagging can always be fixed. Just tap the button at the lower side of the screen so that you can see the details. You can also change the stream quality if you want to, from low to high, or restart your PC to fix the lag.

When you successfully follow these steps on how to set up your Xbox One Games on Windows PC, streaming will be much easier later on.

Streaming your Xbox One Games on Windows PC is really easy, plus you can enjoy your Home Game Outs’ Xbox gift card. It will take some time customizing it but it’s worth you’re while.