What CBD Salve Can Do For You

When my brother and I were growing up our household had two main ‘treatment’ remedies that were my mother and granny’s ‘go-to’ cure. 

The first one was a red watered down liquid that looked like imitation blood which seemed, as much as it was horrific to look at, to speed up the healing process. 

Cotton wool drenched in the stuff would be smeared all over, and then some, of the emergency area and you walked around looking like you had just come back from war. Let’s just say this went down well with the boys, anything that made a sore look gross and they were all for it. Yuck.

The other was a topical cream, pale pink as if a red shirt had found its way into the white load and smelled like a pureed hospital, old granny’s, and care homes all in one, it’s not something you are likely to forget let me tell you this. 

The funny thing is, and I’m wondering now if it was because it was used so religiously used on us, but I put it onto everything on my kids. It’s ‘magic’ and there isn’t a problem it can’t tackle. This is what I tell them and try to convince myself, of course, splinters to blisters to scratches, ‘get the tube,’ and it hasn’t failed me yet.

For a trip down memory lane on all things grannies used to practice as a self-proclaimed doctor no doubt, click here and see how many relate to your childhood, you’ll be surprised at how many you can remember never mind that you may implement them into your family dynamics now like I do.

When it comes to muscles, on the other hand, you need something that penetrates a little deeper than the surface, one that can be massaged into the muscles and tissues and get to the root of the pain or problem. 

I have always known only one brand left unmentioned but it comes in a red tube and can burn your eyes dry just by getting too close, and even then its results weren’t guaranteed and you have a heated patch on your body for the next 2 hours. 

Thankfully coming across this innovative product and one that has saved my eyeballs a lot of stress is CBD Salve. CBD comes from the cousin of the marijuana family and this flower has a long list of beneficial factors and healing properties, but with all the negatives removed it makes this product that much better.

A CBD story.

People hear CBD or Cannabidiol and immediately jump to an idea of a group of youngsters sitting huddled in a circle surrounded by a cloud of smoke. While this may be true if the THC component, which is responsible for the hallucinogenic and psychoactive reaction, is not fully extracted to a concentration of less than 0.3%.

You can brush up on your insight here on what THC is and how it works in the body, the chemical reactions, and its history of being discovered. 

CBD comes in many forms, oils, edibles, and my new favorite, salve. This has changed the way I perceive pain.

No longer do I dread the onset of a muscle spasm or twinge, I simply reach for my little tub of cream and enjoy the quick effects.

This is of course hidden away from my achy-bones hubby who thinks he is in pain when I just mention loading the dishwasher after dinner, suddenly he needs the kids to do a 15-min massage. Cheeky. 

If you are nodding your head in agreement but don’t have your hands on this ‘miracle’ salve then don’t wait, you may be unsure or overwhelmed by which is best or what is suited to you, browsing products on sites such as Cheefbotanicals.com is a good way to get you started and set off on the right foot.

You can begin your CBD journey with something small and work your way up, the main objective is to use an all-natural product and eliminate chemical-based alternatives. Who knows what toxins are being put on your skin or ingested into the system?

We need to take care of ourselves in the safest way we can, and if CBD is the answer, count me in.