Creative Stay-at-Home Date Ideas from the Relish App

Ideas for great dates can be hard to come by. Once you settle into a routine, though, your relationship can suffer. That’s so much more true when it’s hard to get out. Relish, a leading relationship guidance app, works with you and your partner to identify your challenges and growth opportunities and help you thrive as a couple. After discussing how you both felt about your week, Relish might suggest room-by-room activities like these:

Dating in
the Backyard

Head outside
for a Star Date. Bring light refreshments if you like, binoculars
or telescope if you have them, and a star chart or app if you want to get
specific. The stars are still out there, and when you see them with someone you
care about, somehow this little ol’ world seems a whole lot bigger.

Ideas for the Bedroom

deprivation date. Turn out the lights, close the curtains, and maybe put a
small light in the corner. Spend time getting to know each other with the other
four senses, relaxing and letting yourself be surprised at a new way of seeing
your partner.

Date Ideas

Bubbles or
battleships, tub time together can be both peaceful and ridiculously fun. You
choose, but either way you’ll come out squeaky clean with prune-y fingers. Not
a bad outcome for a date.

Room Date Encounters

night! You can just use a deck of cards or get one of those cheap casino games
from the toy store, but either way, do it informally like Vegas or dress up for
Monte Carlo. Bet with kisses, and may the winner take all!


The joy and
trouble with cooking together is that you’re intimate, but you’ve got a project
to do and you don’t eat if you don’t finish it. That can help you have fun, get
silly, or get intensely creative and produce a masterpiece. Will one of you be
a Gordon Ramsay?

Room Togetherness

writing spree. Write to each other, with a bit of leeway in the 5-7-5 structure
of this concise Japanese style. It can be a time of romance, picturing cherry
blossoms and romance in the spring, or it might expand to creative fun and joy,
each trying to outdo the other in crazy images and ideas. Add sushi if you

Relish is a relationship coaching app that takes an active role in couples’ lives. It asks for weekly updates and discusses your relationship with you, then offers ideas about next steps and new perspectives. It personalizes mindful advice to help people turn their investment in their relationship into a source of growth, joy, understanding, and rich experience. Engaging via an annual subscription, users of the app gain from the experience and insight of a team of diverse relationship counseling professionals who contribute a broad base of ideas and insights. The results are practical, personal, and often a lot of fun to implement!