How to Tell If You are Involved in a Toxic Relationship

Romantic relationships differ immensely whether it is a casual arrangement or you live together. Each portion of a relationship has different challenges that a couple has to work on. The sad truth is that some great relationships turn toxic when both parties in the relationship do not actively work on issues. Bottling up issues can result in a fight that could end the relationship as unforgiveable things can be said during the heat of the moment.

Zero Communication

Communication is a pillar of relationships as it is a huge part of compromise. Compromise is a huge part of a relationship as one party shouldn’t always get what they want. Communication through issues being done daily can allow for small issues to be dealt with and not to compound into larger issues. A partner that isn’t willing to work on their communication clearly does not care about the future of the relationship. Take time weekly to talk about anything and everything as this can allow for both partners to become more understanding.

Abuse of Any Kind

Domestic abuse is a huge issue throughout the world and should not be tolerated. Unfortunately, there are a number of accusations that are baseless when it comes to domestic violence. A partner might try to control the other person through threats of calling the police. A domestic violence attorney has likely seen this in the past so consulting them after the threat has been made could be wise. 

Emotional and verbal abuse usually come in the form of a person telling the other they are worthless. This might seem to come in many forms but its intention is to break you down so you think that you need the abuser. Abuse is a telltale sign of a toxic relationship so get out now if you can!

Separation from Friends/Family

Controlling relationships can turn toxic quickly as emotional abusers usually separate their partner from those that they love the most. This happens for a few reasons including that those closest to a person might be able to express their displeasure at the relationship. All couples should have friends together and their own friends. You do not have to go everywhere with your partner and privacy is important in serious relationships. Take time to identify this controlling behavior as it is likely more apparent than you think.


Dishonesty usually is associated with infidelity when it arises in a relationship. Infidelity has changed over the years with dating apps coming to the forefront of the dating world. Far too many married people are on these apps for various reasons. Emotional and physical cheating are very different but can destroy a relationship all the same. There shouldn’t be a reason that you track your partner’s location via their phone. Trust is a huge issue in a number of relationships so make sure the truth becomes a focus in your relationship. Keep in mind there are serial cheaters so this might not be the end of your infidelity problems no matter how much they promised it would not happen again.

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Toxic relationships can become healthy again if both parties are willing to work on it. Not all people are willing to change so if you notice this, end the relationship immediately as not all relationships are meant to work out.