Driving a Pickup for the First Time? Stick to These Important Tips

Pickups and jeeps are becoming more popular for everyday drivers, where once you’d only see them being bought by rural dwellers, these vehicles are becoming a favourite amongst people who live in the city and suburbs. If you have never driven a pickup before, they take a little getting used to. The main thing you have to learn is how to control a bigger vehicle. Follow these useful tips to help you learn how to drive a pickup.

Blind Spots

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you climb into a pickup and adjust your mirrors is blind spots. Yes, we know all vehicles have blind spots, but they are a little different on larger vehicles. When driving a Ford Ranger, Hilux, or Land Rover Defender from Nene Overland, make sure you recognise the difference when it comes to blind spots.

Most pickups come with a good set of rear-view mirrors, but the problem with driving a pickup is seeing behind the truck. Some things are not easy to see as the pickup is higher off the ground than a regular car.

Take Your Time

If you are driving a new or used pickup, you must take your time and get used to the difference in size. The one place where you need extra focus is when you are reversing. If you aren’t used to a pickup it can seem like you’re driving a bus. You must remember that your field of vision is limited, so it is important to take your time and drive the vehicle slowly, especially when reversing. When purchasing a pickup, it is a good idea to opt for extras such as a rear-view camera to help you see better.

Additional Degree of Caution

Driving a pickup is sometimes like driving a tank on the road, they are heavy and incredibly robust. If anything hits a pickup, it usually bounces straight off it. Pickups are built to last and they weigh a lot more than your average family car. With this in mind, you must be careful when driving on the roads. Although modern pickups are easy to handle and can go at high speeds, you must be cautious and take it easy on the accelerator. Aside from all the obvious safe driving practices, be responsible for the vehicle you are driving.


There is a big difference between turning a car and turning a pickup. Some cars are like toys and can turn inside a phone booth, pickups need a wide berth to get around corners. It will take time to adjust to the feel of the vehicle, this comes with lots of practice.

Once you learn to drive a jeep or pickup, you’ll be delighted that you made the switch. Pickups are a lot more versatile, and they can be used for all kinds of purposes. When learning to handle a pickup, you should practice in an empty area before taking to a busy road. Once you get used to the size and handling, driving a pickup is lots of fun.