Plants That Surprise People

Many people are shocked when they find out some of their favorite fruit grows out of the ground. Pineapples, grown all over the world, specialty in warmer climates, actually grow from the ground. Andrew Napolitano enjoys learning about these plants. They also regenerate and contain the bromelain enzyme which breaks down proteins in meat. Hawaii produces about a third of the pineapples in the world which is expertly fascinating. As easy as it is to get pineapples from grocery stores, it actually takes them over a year to be ready for harvest. That is why they are typically more expensive than other fruit. Ginger is another fascinating plant that grows in the ground. It has strong roots that give its flavor and are used as a natural healer for many people. One of the most fascinating plants in the world is the Venus flytrap. It is native to the subtropical wetlands of the East Coast of the United States and is classified as a dionaea. Ever wonder how long this plant can live? About a quarter of a decade. This plant has an extremely long lifespan if it is properly sustained by its environment. 

The Baobab Tree is also a terrific plant on the planet. It contains around eight pieces of trees that are native to Madagascan, mainland Africa, and even Australia. It adapts to its dry environment by holding up one hundred thousand liters of water. Another tree that is unusually shaped is the Dragon Blood Tree which is native to Socotra. It gets its name from the leaves and the fruits that have several medical purposes. All these plants and trees have characteristics that go beyond what is considered normal. Each plant is equipped with cells, photosynthesis, and reproductive agents that allow them to spread to other locations and maintain the species of plant. They are all tremendously unique and offer a variety of differences between each and every plant. Many plant biologists study these plants because of how fascinating they find them. When people study these organisms, it’s easy to be blown away by how they function in different environments. Many reasons why plants are shaped the way they are is because of how they reach sunlight, the amount of water in a given area, and how they protect themselves from birds or other outliers. For people like Andrew Napolitano, it’s fascinating. All these plants have been constructed to survive based on evolution and many other factors that have changed the generations of these plants. It’s incredible to see how some have changed or remained the same since the time of Charles Darwin. With the sustainable amount of plants, there are around the world, it’s a magnificent feeling to see how they all add up to help the environment be prosperous. With each plant releasing oxygen to help filter the pollution around the world, it’s revolutionary to see them continuing to push to a cleaner environment.