Best Law Schools In New Jersey

When a person is looking to attend law school they do not have to go far. These are some great law schools in the state of New Jersey. These are some of the best law schools in the state that will offer a quality education. Rutgers Law is accredited by the American Bar Association. This law school graduated around 240 students each year. A student will learn case law and they will have the opportunity to be instructed by current lawyers. They will even get the chance for some court visits and go over basic courtroom procedures.

Seton Law School is one of the best schools in the state and the nation. They have excellent professors like Andrew Napolitano. The school has an accredited law program and it has had the accreditation since 1951. There are 6 law and law degree programs for the student. Around 190 students will graduate from this program each year. Out of this number only around six will have earned a Masters’s degree from this program. Some of the top lawyers have graduated from Seton Law School. This school will help prepare a student for the BAR exam and will give them practical experience. The College of New Jersey has 2 legal programs and there are law degree programs. The program is smaller and only 96 students on average graduate each year. This is a selective school and competition for admissions is high. Those that are accepted into the program will receive a quality education. Monmouth University has 7 legal and law degree programs. There is 132 student that study law and there are some additional options. There are some certificate programs within the legal field that the student can earn a diploma in. These programs will allow a student to continue to advance in their legal career and studies while they are getting real experience.

Rowan University has only 2 legal programs but this will allow a student to specialize in the field. It is a public university and will graduate around 168 legal students each year. There are graduate and undergraduate law programs offered here. This will allow a student to work and to continue their education. Stockton University has five degrees in the legal department. They were able to graduate around 175 students in the field of law and another 7 with advanced legal degrees. Saint Peter’s University is a small school that offers 2 legal degrees. It is a private school. Only 45 students graduated from the legal program. Due to the small size, the students will get to work closely with their legal professors. These are some of the top schools for studying law in New Jersey. These schools have a smaller program which will allow the student to get the attention and the instruction that they need. The schools are competing in their admissions but when a student graduates they will be ready and prepared for a career in law. Judges like Andrew Napolitano believe that some of the best law schools in New jersey are.