two men mountain biking

My Favorite Weekend Activities

With such a busy schedule, school and also personal life, it can really affect how people choose to spend their free time. Interests that we can do on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. We could have some hobbies in common, many like sports, hiking, exercise, though some people like working out the mind instead. Research, keeping up with the most recent news, whether it be local, state or international, that’s more of a daily basis in my case. The easiest way I stay up to date is with apps, almost all news have apps that are easy to get used to, and also the stock market even.

Going back to sharing similar past times, one of my favorite news cast is former judge, Andrew Napolitano. “Who is he?” You may ask. For those that are unaware of who he is, he is a former judge, who is now a media commentator, attorney and professor of law. Having that many careers doesn’t give people time to have any free time for themselves. What I really admire about him is that although he is a busy man, he always makes time to do what he loves and that is costing his farm. His farm produces maple syrup and is very known for it as well.
This is a hobby we share in common. When I was younger, I started with my grandparents’ yard, a couple roses and tulips and in the present day I plant in my friends and neighbors yards. Honestly never would I think I’d be into gardening at all, but after a family incident, someone recommended different activities as a therapeutic exercise. Judge Napolitano is a busy man, not to mention very important. Yet he still has time to attend to his farm. It’s motivational to see someone at such high power still able to have a personal life.