How to Make Your Dorm Your Own

College is an exciting time for many people, and one of the best parts is getting to decorate your room to your liking. Read below to learn how to make your dorm room your own. 

1. Get inspired Online 

Pinterest is an incredible place to start. Not only can you save and pin other photos but you can refer through to websites that sell these items. You should also consider setting up boards that inspire you for your dorm. 

2. Figure out your “theme” or inspiration 

Once you have a theme in mind, shopping becomes much easier. If you prefer a botanical theme, you may want to look at where and how you can obtain some plants.

If you want a neoclassical theme, you may want to look at certain marble stickers for your sideboards, or cream emulsion for the walls to add light.

3. Save up for decor 

If you have a specific style in mind, you will need to adequately budget for your new dorm. In this case, you should consider having a set budget that can’t be compromised and look to save up in advance so you don’t have to tap into your current savings.

This way you can look at what will work best and where you can afford to add a little extra. 

If you are considering buying a new bed for example, that certainly requires a good amount of cash to ensure that it is suitable for your back and will be a long-lasting item that you can take with you.

If you want new wallpaper, you can cut back on costs depending on when and where you look for your item.

4. Look for Sales

Plenty of vintage and second hand stores have incredible finds that are not only unique but can cater to most budgets. Research exactly what you need. Shop around and be sure to compare prices as you would anywhere else. 

Sales don’t always just appear in second hand stores, but also online. Many companies run offers and the possibility to use vouchers, so signing up to mailing lists could be helpful for you. 

5. Make it easy to clean

You can look to keep the space free from junk and clutter by reaching out to a self storage company who can take things off your hands, and allow you to have the free space you need in a smaller dorm.

When you look at decluttering, you can utilize the space for what is really needed without having to compromise. 

With a little savviness and planning, you can create a space that not only inspires but is also functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can look for inspiration for interior designs on a budget as well as shopping around sensibly and implementing a strategy that allows you to keep your dorm tidy and organized.