Spending Time By Yourself

Father George Rutler knows that the world is a busy place and it seems to keep on getting busier. There are more demands on time, work, and things that don’t give pleasure to people. Living in this lifestyle can make a person feel stressed, even more than they have been before. Living in this lifestyle can foster mental illness such as depression since demands on a person’s time and energy seem to have peaked. Some people don’t see any way to relieve this type of stress with all that is going on around them. Many need to spend time by themselves. Not being alone, but by spending time without others around and giving themselves a change to breathe.

Spending time is not being alone, but being separate from others for a period of time to accomplish a few things. One of those things that become accomplished by being separate from people for a while is that a person is allowed to just decompress from all the demands that life can put on them. It is valuable for a person just to get away for a while to allow themselves to just “be” without people needing anything from them. It is a good thing to allow a person to let their stress be alleviated for a period of time so they can recharge and let their minds settle without thinking about the next thing they have to do for someone else or their family.

Many people have jobs that require their constant attention, everyday, to some detail that demands their time. This is stressful, and that can lead a person to not feel very good about themselves. They need some time, and it may be quite significant, to just be left alone without the demands of others. It’s not that they want to be away from the rest of the world forever, but for the time being they just want to get away.

Spending time away from others can be an absolute blessing not only for the person who needs the time away, but for the people who usually need the attention of that person. Those that constantly give attention and time to others often feel that they are suffering emotionally. They feel bouts of depression, and that can affect their work, and their family life. Being away from others for a period of time can heal.

Healing a person emotionally or just giving them a change to recharge in this way can lead to healthier relationships. The person doing the recharging will feel that they can handle the demands upon them better. They won’t feel resentful that they have to give more of themselves to someone else.

Just watching TV like Father George Rutler is a great way to let a person just relax and be by themselves. It gives them a chance to think of other things that are enjoyable and maybe not really thinking at all. Just being able to sit and watch some TV shows or cooking can be very therapeutic.