Andrew Napolitano Explains How to Handle Nightmares

We all get nightmares sometimes and it isn’t a fun time. Even more miserable is when someone doesn’t know how to cope with their nightmare. Some things anyone, including Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano, can do to help with nightmares is to make sure they have a regular relaxing consistent bed routine. This means more than just going to bed the same time every night. You have to make sure you are doing relaxing things before going to bed to have your mind in the right space. For example a warm bath or doing a puzzle are good winding down activities. If you are rough housing, wrestling or playing on your phone before bed that isn’t going to help put you in the right mindset to be relaxed and go to sleep. 

Another thing that is good for all over health which can help with nightmares as well. Is to take an inventory of your mental health. Are you overly stressed? If so why are you stressed and evaluate what you can do to minimize or if possible rid yourself completely from your stress. In adults it has been found that those with conditions such as restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea can see a major reduction or possibly not having any at all by treating the symptoms of those diseases. Now if it is not any of those conditions do not fear a lot of adults have been able to rest easy by changing their behaviors including those with Post Traumatic Disorder, Anxiety and Depression. Some changes that you can make that have shown successful to others is to make sure you are exercising. Try yoga and meditation. Make sure that you are consistently getting enough to sleep.

 When you don’t, sleep deprivation can actually fuel the very thing you are trying to avoid. Make sure you room is decorated in a way that is relaxing to you and makes you want to go to sleep. Your room is for sleep not playing on your phone this mind set can make a huge difference as well. I know this all sounds like the typical answers we all get with any health problem any more. Everything tells us to sleep enough and exercise. So people want proof and want the advice of someone successful and we have that.

 Andrew Napolitano who was a previous Supreme Court Judge has struggled with nightmares and found success using some of these techniques. He tries to minimize his stress as someone in the political arena that can be a major task on its own. However he manages to do it. If he can do it then I am sure the everyday people can try and reduce some stress as well. The other thing he does is not eat right before bed as he has found that when he does eat before bed he is more likely to have a nightmare. You have to decide, do you want cake or a good night’s sleep?
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