How to Become a Priest

Becoming a priest is an outstanding goal to strive to achieve. Father George Rutler holds the belief that it is a worthy commitment to God. Keep in mind, a priest is a valued leader who has been authorized to perform some very sacred rituals within religion. A priest will have the authority to administer various rites (religious). A priest will learn to make their own will the same as God’s will. This is known as a discernment process. A priest is known to be a mediator. Representing the Divine being is a most important role. Most experienced priests will claim that they are conducting themselves as an ambassador and that they have been called, by God, to serve people. A priest will keep the ministry of Jesus Christ moving through the planet. A priest has a defined calling. The goal is to celebrate and embrace the very good news of salvation, and share this with the people of God. The role of a priest involves many areas and it is a valid commitment to God Almighty. This is a very large commitment to pursue and remaining true to this calling requires dedication.

Becoming a Priest

There are a set of valuable steps which must be taken in order to become a priest. This process often includes the following:

* Reflection

* Prayer

* A plan for an education

This is often the start of the entire process. The prayer and reflection tends to lead to clarity within this honorable profession. The above three items will take a prospective priest to the next levels of the process. Preparing oneself for this Godly journey often starts with preparation.

The Path to Priesthood

Becoming a priest does require education. It will be important to select an educational facility to attend:

*  Bachelor’s Degree will need to be earned. This type of degree is often a requirement for becoming a priest

* Completing Graduate Work is necessary. Attending Seminary may be required

* After the education requirements have been met, it will be time to get ordained

Added Information

It ought to be noted, the seminarian aspect usually requires the following:

* A four year study of theology at the selected seminary

* Upon the graduation (the seminary) it is common to be required to serve as a deacon (this is often transitional and it will prepare an individual for their role as a priest)

Father George Rutler says this entire process will take approximately five years in total to glide through the process of graduating from college and moving into the ordainment aspect. This includes a study of philosophy. Philosophy is often completed as an undergraduate which will speed up the educational requirements. Most individuals who have been accepted into a seminary will have their degree. The major may involve some very extensive coursework:

* Studies in religion

* Philosophy

The majority do spend four years in college. There may be some educational exceptions to this standard method.

The Rewards

This endeavor does have many rewards that follow. A priest has the awesome ability to minister to people from every age bracket. Experiencing real and powerful connections with others tends to become a part of daily life. A priest has the ability to make an impact within this world.