6 Things a Documentary Film Producer Does

If you have an idea for a documentary and need someone to help you bring it to life, a documentary film producer can lend their expertise. Documentary film producers are responsible for overseeing the production of documentaries. 

It can be tempting to think that working behind the scenes is not as meaningful as being a filmmaker, but there are compelling reasons why this is untrue. 

To clear any doubt about the importance of producers for your documentary, here are six things a documentary film producer will come in handy for:

Define Narrative of the Documentary

When you are setting out to make a documentary, you must define the narrative of the documentary. A producer can help you make this happen. You should sit down with a producer and discuss what story you want to tell and how it will be told. 

A producer that knows his onion will help you cut out all the red herrings from the day’s events leaving only the core message of the documentary.

Setting Budget and Securing Funds

An idea without a means to execute it will sadly never make it off the notebook. If you plan to produce a documentary, you will need to set a budget and see if donors can shoulder the financial burden. 

A documentary film producer can help you measure your needs before you start shooting and help you get funding. These findings can be via studios, production companies, foundations, and even government departments. 

A producer will have contacts to make sure you get the right amount of funding for the work that needs to be done.

Hiring and Managing Professionals that Will Work on the Project

All good stories need the right amount of people working in the right departments. A documentary film producer can help you find the right team that will work on your documentary. 

They will help you decide on the skills required and if they are available and willing to work on your project. They will help to recruit the best cast, crew, and other technicians. 

A documentary film producer can also help manage the schedules of these professionals and ensure that everyone is working on completing your project.

Oversees Project and Ensures It Stays Within Budget

Once you have your team together, it is time to begin production. A producer will oversee this process to ensure that the project stays within budget and is delivered on time. They will also be required to report on the project’s status at regular intervals.

Supervise Post-production

A producer has to ensure that the documentary film is finished within the stipulated time. It involves supervising every aspect of post-production. This includes editing, graphic design, and even color grading. 

A producer will oversee every process to see what needs to be done, ensure professionalism and a great outcome.