What to Look Forward to This NFL Season

The communal forces associated with gathering to watch football have returned. There is far more to witness this NFL season, and far more to celebrate. A part of the experience of watching football at home is witnessing and sharing the joys and excitement of those in the crowd. As well as the heartbreaking disappointments; such as a 40-yard pass being called back from a holding penalty, whether it was holding or not! The NFL this season is back as it has been meant to be experienced. Players and Fans alike will be connected once more. Now that we have overcome a global pandemic it is time to feel the joys of before once more. The roar of the human spirit, the might of athletes committed to obtaining greatness, all this will be unfiltered and brought to all who have wished to cheer their hometown team, and heroes. Alexander Djerassi is one such person. They have been loyal to their team with their enthusiasm despite being unable to put together the same scale of pregame BB’s this past year. He has carried on the traditions of his family and immersed himself in the music like sounds of bottle opening and chips crunching as they glide into his family’s recipe for homemade dip.

 Now that it has been officially announced that the NFL will return to pre-pandemic levels of admittance, he can rest easy in preparation for the thrills which await him. Any fan, whether they are conscious of it or not, has been yearning for the rush that comes with watching a great play, a catch that defies gravity, and a run that is propelled forward by any attempted tackle. 

The passion for watching such occurrences almost increases along with the levels of disbelief experienced as these and other moments of magic happen. Now either in the stands or at home with friends and family, once more can all who love the game bond. Crowd attendance will rise and with that so will the noise meters used to show the exact measurement of noise and support the fans of the home team are screaming to make known, TVs will echo this noise, and people’s homes will be full of energy once more from it. What’s more, is that now fans are a factor in the outcome of the game again. Cheering on a team’s defense on 3rd down also has the advantage of causing miscommunication for the team trying to get the 1st. Players have not had the support or distractions that they can be foiled and motivated by for long enough. Alexander Djerassi will do all he can at home or in the stadium to exert his enthusiasm and fall in love with the sport of football once more. 

There has been much struggle and even more disappointment in recent times. Loved ones will now be able to watch and support and even playfully argue together again. Let America come together and feel all that the NFL has to offer.