Nicolas Krafft

What are the Top Streaming Services in 2021?

Here we are in the year of 2021, and most of us stream our shows we want to watch. It’s so convenient, simple, & easy to do. We can access our streaming services from our phones, tablets, laptops, smart tvs, and even gaming consoles. Judge Napolitano is a huge fan of streaming services because of the accessibility that it offers us as people. The top 3 streaming services this year would be Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

Obviously, Netflix is on here. It seems like anyone who’s anyone has a Netflix account. Netflix has so many shows and movies available for us to watch. They make original shows, as well as having licensed movies and shows available on here. Netflix has been streaming since 2007. It definitely deserves our top recognition for this fact alone. It gets new shows added every month, which keeps viewers’ attention on them. If they never added new things, they would have gone out of business a long time ago, but Netflix definitely adapts to all the new curveballs. It took time to produce their own shows well. Their original shows and movies are just as talked about, and watched, as movies that hit the movie theaters in some cases.

Hulu is another key player in streaming services. It’s been around for about as long as Netflix. People didn’t give it as much recognition as it deserved at first. It has a slew of shows and movies as well, however, unlike Netflix it has upgrade options you can do. You can pay extra a month for channels like HBO, Starz, etc. Hulu also offers you the ability to watch live tv, such as with a cable or satellite service, but you can have it all within your Hulu app. It’s nice to be able to do it all within one streaming service. It simplifies everything.

New to the game of streaming services is Disney+. They might be late to the game, but man have they hit hard, and made such an impact. Disney+ has everything you could ever want to watch that was ever made with Disney. All of their old movies you might have liked as a child, the remakes of older movies, live actions of their older movies, all of the Disney channel tv series, movies, & etc. is on their app exclusively. They also make original shows and movies for Disney+ only subscribers. They have started doing something for about a year now, roughly. When a Disney movie hits the theater, such as Cruella, a Disney+ subscriber has the option to premier access to it the same day it airs in the movies, for an extra fee. They might be late to the game, but they are definitely shaking things up, and making bold moves.

Judge Napolitano loves streaming services such as these. It’s such an easily accessible thing for all of us to have. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ are ever evolving, and switching things up to capture our attention in different ways, and keep our attention as well.