Things to Consider if You Are Going Camping

If you are going camping, then you should make sure that you are prepared for your adventure, how long will you be going for, what do you want to do whilst you are camping, who are you going with and where are you going are a few of the things to add to your list. To help you get properly prepared here is a more in depth look at things you should think about before you head off.

What do I need to think about?

There could be a lot to consider so make sure you are prepared; many people have found themselves in an awkward situation of not having enough provisions to last them their entire trip. The most important thing you will want to ensure is that you have;

  1. Enough clean drinking water to keep you properly hydrated.
  2. Battery power, oddly enough, before food you will want to take enough battery power with you for your mobile devices. You will, at the very least, have your phone with you and you will need enough juice to send a message or make a call should you need to. 
  3. A suitable bag is really important, you want something that is going to be comfortable, but also be up for whatever you throw at it, something like a Feel Free Gear’s camping bag would be a great choice. There are a variety of styles and materials that even cover things like waterproofing.
  4. Food, prepare or buy enough packaged food to last you. You could take pre-prepared food or you could go all out and take a small BBQ with you, or make a BBQ when you get to where you are going and cook your own grub.
  5. The people you are going with will most likely determine what kind of trip this will be so think about that also. For example, some will want an intrepid adventure, others will want a calming retreat, somewhere they can sit back and consider life, others may use it as an excuse to have late night campfire parties. You may want to use the trip to do everything so make sure you have all you need, and check out these hacks on preparation.
  6. Think about what it is that you want to do whilst you are camping, you might just want to go for walks in the woods or forest, or you might want to go swimming, cycling, kayaking or even paddle boarding. 
  7. Clothes can sometimes be forgotten, not entirely, of course, but the type of clothes that are best suited for the trip you are going on. When camping, you will want clothes that either keep you cool or keep you warm against the elements and that protect you against things like grazes, scratches and bites.
  8. Footwear is a really important consideration, the last thing you want is a sprained ankle or similar injury just because you weren’t prepared and didn’t take the proper footwear with the correct support.

Off you go then

That should be all you need to consider, although camping is quite a personal thing so take what you need to make sure you are comfortable. Most importantly, take enough clean water, battery power, a suitable bag and enough food to keep you going!