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Giving Back to the Community

Diego Ruiz Duran- The Importance of Matching Community Needs with the Right Giving Opportunity

Diego Ruiz Duran has keen insight into the sometimes hidden needs within diverse communities. This insight forges a vivid backdrop to an already distinguished legal defense career built upon a long-held quest for social justice.

Fighting for the rights of Mexican women to live a life free from domestic and family violence, he acknowledges setbacks along the way. However, he advocates for perseverance regardless of the cause or the fight for change.

Working to empower women and children through various social projects, including accessible, free education to children at risk of dropping school entirely, Diego Ruiz Duran and his social commitment highlights opportunities where everyone can work for the good of others within their community.

For those with a vision to help forge changes within their towns and cities, the message is simple; don’t be afraid to get involved and, above all, persevere.

However, to avoid wasting time or money, taking one or two things into account first may be helpful going forward.

Importantly, assess the community first. What is most needed or missing? Even when personal ability to deliver a service exists, time and valuable resources lie wasted if it fails to match the community’s needs.

During this assessment of giving either time or financial resources, also consider the root causes of that need.

For example, if advocating for affordable housing, examining how groups experience challenges preventing access is a helpful starting point. For instance, long-term employment, mental health challenges, or racism are common issues embedding housing and poverty.

More accessible are charitable acts that strengthen communities over time.

Community car washes, season tickets for community theaters, and their outreach programs are great examples.

Fun runs or other sponsored events supporting specific needs at a non-profit agency are great opportunities. Often these events align with personal values and beliefs and provide great opportunities to meet like-minded others while serving a cause greater than ourselves.

These examples highlight some of the ways it is possible to make meaningful contributions to the communities in which we live and work. Acts large and small ultimately serve the bigger picture- to make the towns and cities in which we live more inclusive places for all.

Duran believes the ability to reflect, change our mindset, and grow can make essential contributions to society. Negative experiences can develop empathy toward others, creating the drive to assist those experiencing similar circumstances.

Ultimately, passion is the driver behind believing that a person has a purpose or passion in life. It does not matter what that may be; if the passion and the desire for change exists, those feelings can turn into action, resulting in positive changes within our communities.

Many people work to make a difference within their communities; one voice can create a tidal wave of participation, starting small then gathering momentum along the way.

Diego Ruiz Duran‘s formula is simple: the desire for involvement in something that resonates with a personal passion, the willingness to act on that decision, and the drive to stay the course.