How to Easily Print Text Messages

A printed copy of a text conversation can be a beautiful gift in a long-distance relationship or for the best friend who only seems to communicate in memes. Surprisingly, there are a few ways you can learn how to easily print text messages and even software that helps you organise it into an ebook.

This article will explore step by step how you can immortalise your conversation and print text messages from an iPhone or Android.

The Software We Used

In our experiment and reviews, we used software from MonLivreSMS. The company has options for you to print messages from Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp, as well as iPhone and Android texts. The company website even has instructions on how to print text messages from each platform easily. MonLivreSMS boasts about its success in France but is new to the UK market.

How to Print Texts from an iPhone

The first thing to consider is whether you want the photos included in the ebook. If you do and have them saved on your iCloud, you can download them by clicking the “info” icon on the respective text thread and clicking “download”.

To print the message, you’ll need to back them up on your PC. iPhones don’t allow apps to access texts directly. Connect your phone to the computer and back it up to your computer storage to back the messages up. Make sure the box labelled “Encrypt local backup” isn’t checked.

Once you’ve backed all the messages up onto your computer, you’ll need to download the MonLivre software. Please note that there are a few extra steps for downloading it on a Mac. Visit the company website for complete details.

When you open the program, it will show you all the conversations you’ve backed up in descending order. Select the conversation you want and export it. Be sure to stay on the loading page until the entire file has been exported; otherwise, the media might not transfer properly; we also recommend having a stable and strong internet connection.

The last steps are to fill in your contact details and wait for the ebook to be made. Once it’s finished and you’ve confirmed everything is correct, you can choose to print it out in a physical book.

That’s how to print text messages from an iPhone easily! It’s a simple way to make an excellent gift.

And it’s not just iPhones that can do this! As mentioned before, the website has detailed instructions teaching you how to easily print text messages from Android phones and different messaging apps.