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You’ve Been Arrested? Steps To Take After Being Bailed Out

People are arrested on a daily basis even though it can be a traumatizing event. Simply because you have been arrested does not mean that you are guilty. There are so many things that can happen during a traffic stop or when the police show up to your home that can lead to charges getting dropped. The most important thing you can do before you think you will be arrested is to stay quiet. Talking your way out of an arrest is not going to happen as officers are required to arrest people for some charges/allegations. The following are tips to help you after you have been bailed out.

Contact An Attorney Immediately 

Contacting a Raleigh criminal defense attorney immediately is important. A public defender can do a reasonably good job but they likely have a large number of cases. A private attorney is going to be able to spend more time on your case. Make sure that you pick an attorney that is experienced in the local area. The reason for this is having a relationship with a prosecutor can allow for much better plea deals.

Asking about trial experience is going to be very important if you are not willing to accept a plea deal. If you lose a trial, you are likely going to get a stiffer punishment than if you accepted the plea deal. This is something that your attorney will go over with you in detail. 

Take Steps To Show Improvement

You might have been arrested for drug possession or DWI. Going to substance abuse counseling can be a proactive way to help get the charges reduced or dropped. A judge is likely going to be far more lenient with a first-time offender and could offer a diversion program. When you are done with this program, you will get the charges dropped or reduced. Substance abuse wreaks havoc on society and some judges would rather that you get help rather than spend time sitting in a cell. 

Don’t Tell Your Employer Unless Required 

If your arrest does not impact your ability to do your job, telling your employer can be a risk. Most companies do not have rules about getting arrested and having to tell management in their employee handbook. The last thing you want to do is lose your job especially if you have been falsely accused. Your employer is not going to do a background check on you especially if you have been working there for years. If you are convicted or take a plea deal, you are going to want to be employed to pay fees. 

Being arrested can be a scary experience but it is not time to panic. Finding the right attorney can provide you peace of mind as they will help walk you through the process. Attorneys work with so many cases that they have seen one that is very similar to yours. Don’t admit to anything and only talk to law enforcement in the presence of your lawyer.