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Unfortunate Signs That Your Marriage Is Headed For Divorce

Getting married can be an exciting event in your life but divorce is never on the minds of two people at the altar. People do change over the course of time and grow too far apart over the course of decades. Others find they might not have anything in common after the children have left the home. Relationships work in a variety of ways between married couples. There are just some people that didn’t know each other enough before getting hitched. Others had a partner seemingly change overnight after they were married. There are signs that a marriage is headed for divorce that impact almost every relationship. The following are the signs your marriage is headed for divorce.

Failure to Communicate At All

Communication is the only thing that keeps couples from constantly fighting. The lack of communication can lead to much larger problems. Having a serious discussion from time to time is important about things that are bothering you. Blowing up once in a while is not healthy as you or your partner could do or say something that cannot be forgiven. Sitting down daily to talk about your day and what has been bothering you for 10 minutes can be perfect. Taking a timeout in the middle of a discussion when things start to deteriorate in terms of tempers is another good strategy. When some people get too angry, they might say thing they don’t mean simply to hurt the other person’s feelings.

Refusal To Seek Marriage Counseling

Getting help for a marriage is sometimes important when trying to reconcile. You shouldn’t have a family member play judge or jury as this is going to lead to divorce due to preferences. Getting an outside look at your marriage is so important as you might be able to see what is going wrong. When you are involved in a marriage where your spouse refuses to get help with you or talk about problems, this could be because they have given up. Not all unhappy people file for divorce as other factors play a role but no good marriage ends in divorce which is something you should take comfort in. Seeking out the help of a New Bern divorce attorney can allow you to know your options if considering divorce. 


Infidelity has been a way that marriages have ended for hundreds of years. Cheating has taken a different form with technology as dating apps are readily available whether you are married or not. There are some couples that can overcome this but for others it ends the marriage immediately. Observing changes in behavior is a way to notice if something is off as most people are creatures of habit. 

Divorce is a tough thing to deal with as it will completely change your life. You could have fallen out of love and just can’t do it anymore. In other situations, you are completely incompatible with the person or they have become abusive. Look for these telltale signs to see if you marriage is headed for divorce.