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Arrested For Drug Possession: What You Need To Know

Getting arrested for drug possession can happen in so many scenarios. Plenty of people have had people ditch drugs in their car when being pulled over then took the charge due to being the driver. You should not admit that any drugs are yours as this can make your case easy to prosecute. Using your right to remain silent is not something that you are going to regret in the future. The following are things you need to know after being arrested for drug possession. 

You’ll Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Finding a Raleigh criminal lawyer can be tough when you have to sift through all of the options. You want a firm that frequently takes on drug possession cases. These firms will understand all of the options you have and what can be offered to a prosecutor as an alternative sentence. The last thing you want to do is spend time in jail for a personal drug possession case. 

Plea deals are what happens the most when it comes to cases with less than concrete evidence. The right attorney is going to get the best plea deal possible. You then have the choice of whether to take the deal or take the case to trial. Trial experience is so important in a criminal defense lawyer as the risks of going to trial can be immense. 

Diversion programs are given to a number of drug cases for first-time offenders. Expunging the arrest could be the most attractive part of this option. Having a spotless record can help some people find employment in a far easier way. You can also get the substance abuse treatment you need during these programs if this is one of the conditions. 

You Can Get Help On Your Own

A judge is going to look favorably on someone that started attending a substance abuse program of any kind. Proactive approaches can lead to lighter sentences and the dropping of charges. A person that consistently tests negative for drugs if required to do drug testing during the pretrial release will be looked at in a positive light. There are some judges that might take an inpatient rehab stay in lieu of a jail sentence. Your attorney can work this out with the judge if this is the avenue you’d like to take. Be careful though, if you are kicked out of a program you could be sent right to jail. There are some judges that are more patient than others but it is not wise to test their patience. 

Drug possession arrests can be very serious as possession of some drugs is an automatic felony charge. Marijuana possession for personal use is a simple fine in some states while in others it is an arrestable offense. You should research local laws on things like marijuana and firearms before traveling. You could find that your firearm has too many rounds to be legal in a state like California. Gun cases will usually note which states a gun is legal in.