What to Include in a DIY At-Home Bartender Kit

We all love cocktails! But you don’t need to go out to a swanky cocktail bar to enjoy a delicious Mojito or a cheeky Sex On The Beach. Making your own cocktails at home can be great fun too, whether you have friends over, are preparing for a night out or just want to treat yourself. Once you have your own bartender kit, the only question should be whether you want it shaken or stirred! 

The good news is that you can buy a ready-made cocktail kit for your home entertainment. There is a wide range available, so let’s check out a few options. 

For mixology newbies, the Barillo Elite Cocktail Set is a great place to start. It contains a martini mixer, stirrers, a mixing spoon, jigger and two liquor pourers. This set comes with a booklet or recipes and access to an ebook too so you will soon be mixing like a pro. 

If you fancy adding some bling to your cocktail repertoire, the Soing 24 piece Cocktail Shaker kit in gold-colored stainless steel is a must! This good-looking bartender kit is professional quality and has a variety of mixers, spoons, shakers, and all the accouterments that an expert mixologist would ever need in order to make any cocktail on the planet! 

Lastly, Titos Mixology Kit is all about vodka, so if a Vodka Martini or an Espresso Martini is your thing, look no further than this kit. Finished in burnished copper on stainless steel, inviting your friends round to Tito’s will be an experience that everyone will love.

Of course as well as your bartender kit, you will need your liquor, mixers, and extra cocktail ingredients depending on your recipe and the types of drink you enjoy.

Don’t Forget the Natural Sweetener

Sweetener is an essential ingredient in many cocktails, so make sure you have plenty of this on hand. Many cocktails are sweetly delicious, so you will need to add a sweetener or your cocktails just won’t work. 

As an added benefit to health and convenience, we recommend using stevia instead of sugar as it has a better sweet flavor, is better for your health, and is also much easier to use and store.

Our favorite brand is Nutramedix Stevia, a herbal supplement in drop form that is perfect for adding sweetness to cocktails.  Beware when using because it is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, so you will only need a drop in most cocktails. 

Importantly, Stevia does not affect the body’s glucose levels so is safe to use for everyone. In addition, your bottle of Stevia is perfect for adding to your bartender kit as it will last for ages without the need to replace it. 

Nutramedix is a health supplement company that specializes in natural solutions to everyday health issues and provides a range of great products to improve health, vitality and also the quality of your cocktails!