Harrison Taylor’s Thrilling Thriller

We spoke with author Harrison Taylor about his newest book, Those Who Hunt Wolves. His inspiration comes from movies and cinema, and after reading his thriller, we can see why.

Q. Can you tell us about your book?

A: Those Who Hunt Wolves is a techno action thriller that is about two covert agents, Shepard and Graham. Both are gunned down and left for dead by a secret organization known as 7721. The two former agents survive and exact revenge by stealing a dangerous and secret weapon from 7721 known as the Blackout.

Q When did you decide to write this story and why?

A: This Story has been on my mind for years. I started it about four years ago, however the idea first came when I wrote a script about 16 years ago about a heist gone wrong.

Q What is your favorite passage from your book?

A: I tried to give them the impression that I was scared, but let’s face it: That’s like asking a crocodile not to fucking smile, right?

Q What makes your book unputdownable?

A: The action is constant. The story and plot engage and always move forward. As I writer I believe every word has a place and that is to support moving the story forward in an exciting way. I feel this book succeeds in that sense.

Q. If your book was turned into a film/TV show, who would you tap to play the lead(s)? Why?

A: Mccray: Don Cheadle

     Ashcroft: Bryan Cranston

    Shepard: Alan Ritchson

   Jonah: Jeremy Alan white

So, I picked these actors because aside from being amazing at their craft, I heard their voices in my head while writing this book. Crazy, I know. LOL.

Harrison Taylor

Q If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

   World peace

   An end to this pandemic

   A cure for ALS

Q. Can you tell us three fun facts about you?

A I like to skateboard

   I’m a big gamer

   I’m addicted to funkos

Rapid Fire Answer and Questions:

Morning person or night owl? Night owl

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Horror Movie or RomCom? ROM COMS (big time)

Beer or Wine? Trick question BOTH

Bacon or Tofu? Bacon

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