How to Sell Your Home in a Few Easy Steps

Selling a home can be stressful, exciting, and a whole boat of other emotions, as well. As you are going along in the moving process, make sure that you take the time to plan out your move so that you do not get too stressed out. If you are looking to sell, keep reading because here are 5 steps for selling your home:

Find A Great Agent

When you are selling a home, your first step is to interview agents and find a great one. This is really important because your agent will be the one negotiating on your behalf when it comes down to it. You will want to find someone that is knowledgeable on the selling and buying process and how they work together (if you are selling and buying at the same time). Buying a home is one thing, but when you go to sell and buy at the same time, that is a whole new ballgame and you will want someone to walk you through, step by step. When you go to choose an agent, look at reviews from past clients online and do a small “interview” meeting to make sure that you match up with their personality, as well.

Consider A Home Inspection

If you have gone through a home purchase in the past, you know what a home inspection is all about. But, you do not just have to do an inspection when purchasing a home. A presale inspection might cost you a few hundred dollars upfront, but it can be money well spent. Why? Because it can keep buyers from demanding costly repairs during the negotiation process of selling your home.

When you get an inspection done, it should cover electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, windows, ceilings, walls, doors, floors, the attic, insulation, roof, foundation, structural elements, the basement, mold inspections, and more. Once the inspection is complete, you will have a detailed list of all of the things that are wrong with your home.

Complete Any Unsightly Repairs

Don’t worry about addressing every single finding in your home inspection, but you should pay attention to big-ticket issues. These can scare buyers into asking for way more money than it actually takes to fix them. Your agent can help you sort through the inspection findings, but the roof, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems typically take priority. If you have room in your budget, see to those before you list your home. In addition to the big ticket items, you might also consider repairing any small noticeable issues. For example, if you have any scratches on the walls, paint over them! A dirty carpet? Get it cleaned! Your grout is dirty? Utilize a cleaning service.

Use Your Sniffer

Another huge area that you can probably improve on is the smell of your home. If you have animals, make sure it does not smell like them. If you love “smelly” food such as indian, fish, or other strong smelling food. Even a hot dog or using a lot of garlic can make an unpleasant smell. In addition to your cooking, also watch out for fragrance. A lot of people are really sensitive to artificial fragrance, so spraying febreeze or another room smell (or even lighting a bunch of candles) can steer away some potential buyers.

Hire Movers

Last but not least, hire movers to help you during the selling process! Sometimes, you are better off staging your home by removing some furniture items, but this can be stressful to do on your own. In addition, when you do go to move, you are not going to want to carry all of your heavy (and fragile) items yourself. This is why it can be so handy to hire movers to help you and reduce your stress. Consider it Moving is a local moving team out of NY. They are committed to affordable pricing and great customer service and they have expanded to also serve NJ, as well. Consider it Moving does Long Island Commercial Office Moving, and just about any other moving-related need that you could have, as well. If you are looking for a mover, search no further than Consider it Moving!