E.A. Smiroldo’s no longer silent about The Silent Count

E.A Smiroldo is a nuclear engineer turned author with her debut novel, The Silent Count. She weaves her real life expertise with real-world inspired drama for her climate science fiction thriller. E.A. is also a award-nominated signer-songwriter, engineer, and musician. A woman of many talents, she tells us more about her writing experience.

Q. If you could give your book to one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Reese Witherspoon!  She has a book club and I think my book would appeal to her fellow readers.  Daisy Jones and the Six was one of her selections.  While not a cli-fi book, this book uses song lyrics as part of the storytelling and focuses on different characters and their viewpoints.  My book has a lot in common with Daisy Jones, particularly a beating, rock and roll heart.

Q. Who is your biggest writing inspiration?

I’m a huge Jane Austen fan. We’re still talking about her characters 200+ years later. They’re all wonderfully flawed and fully human.    

Q. Give us the scoop about your book.

It’s a climate change thriller based on real science. Yes, you really can change weather patterns by eliminating certain mountain ranges using nuclear weapons.  But I’m not recommending it!

Q. Can you tell us three fun facts about you?

I’m an award-winning pop-punk singer-songwriter, and my novel is laced with lyrics from songs I wrote and performed.  The soundtrack will be available on YouTube!

I’m a guitar playin’ fool and grew up practicing 7 hours a day.  I play all the guitars on the soundtrack to the novel. “Break the Skin,” one of the songs in The Silent Count, features the guitar solo I’m most proud of. 

My family is from Sicily and my mom taught me everything she knew about cooking.  I go nuts making traditional dishes for my loved ones, especially during the holidays. I secretly dream of owning a food truck that sells Sicilian street food!  I want to call it “Rhymes with Arancini.”

Q. If your book was turned into a film/TV show, who would you tap to play the lead(s)? Why?

I think Millie Bobby Brown would make a great Dara Bouldin (my main character).  Dara is young, introverted, and damaged by heartbreak and loss, but finds her strength as the story progresses. As Eleven on Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has shown that level of emotional depth.    

Q. What’s one secret about you that you’ll share with the world?

My favorite car is a white Corvette Stingray (any year is fine, they’re all great), and when I see one, I make a wish. The wishes almost always come true!  

Q. What is the core message you want to deliver to the world through your writing/books/stories?

We sent a man to the moon, we developed the atomic bomb, we created a vaccine for covid-19…why can’t we do something just as remarkable about climate change that would realistically solve the problem? 

Rapid Fire Questions and Answers

Q. Movie or TV Series?

A. Movie

Q. Long walk or long car ride?

A. Car ride

Q. Comedy or Drama?

A. Comedy

Q. The city or the country?

A. City

Q. Baking or Cooking?

A. Cooking

Q. Margarita or Cosmo?

A. I don’t drink…do virgin margaritas exist?

Q. Holding a Puppy or Holding a Baby?

A. Puppy

Q. invisibility cloak or sparking skin?

A. Invisibility cloak

Q. Coffee or tea?

A. Tea

Q. Dinosaurs or princesses?

A. Princesses

Q. Laptop or phone?

A. Phone

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