Give The Gift Of Yourself This Holiday Season

The holidays are some of the most stressful times of the year.  Whether your stress comes from making the perfect turkey, decorating the perfect tree, company coming over, or simply being home by yourself, November and December are typically both the busiest and most stressful months on the calendar.  Everyone feels it differently, but now there’s a new way to manage your holiday stress in an entirely different way.

IdentifyU offers a platform that boasts many of today’s most in-demand coaches.  The company has an extensive interview process, only hiring ten percent of the coaching candidates it sees.   Before becoming a member and joining the IdentifyU family, users are given an independent digital assessment which looks at everything from their concerns to their goals.  In other words, it is an efficient deep dive into what they want to change in their lives.  For many, this change includes managing stress and anxiety around the holidays.  For some it is changing their professional goals, and for others, it’s finding that new relationship they’ve been dreaming about.

Coaching isn’t a new profession. Actually, it’s one that has gained significant traction of late.  There are happiness coaches, business coaches, nutrition and health coaches, and many, many other types of coaches.  By bringing together the best of the best in one platform, IdentifyU has made it easy to shift between coaches as your needs change.

“The core strength of our business is helping our members get the best results possible,” said Parker Terlaak, CEO and Founder, IdentifyU.  “Members are motivated and excited to take on life’s challenges.  Coaches find strength in our matching, connectivity, and scheduling process.  Both sides love our flexibility, as well as their ability to connect consistently with each other on a secure, protective platform,” noted Terlaak.

It is a known fact that reducing your stress has a positive impact on your health.  IdentifyU coaches have significant experience navigating the holiday high tide.  They can work with you to plan, set boundaries, and deploy tactics which help you mitigate your reactions to the stresses around you.  Having a game plan in place prior a stressful time not only helps manage the stress, but also helps you avoid it.

One way to do this is to prepare a menu, schedule, or travel itinerary in advance.  Have a large group coming to Thanksgiving Dinner or for the holidays?  Assign table seats.  These tips help boost the atmosphere.  For women, this is especially important because they typically have numerous responsibilities, all of which have an impact on the happiness quotient and success of each individual holiday.  That’s why it’s so important to take a moment for yourself before the chaos erupts.

“Our sweet spot for members is currently women who, because of their families, or jobs, put themselves last.  In other words, they want to have time for self-care, but don’t know how to make it a priority,” notes Terlaak.  

You can learn more about IdentifyU by visiting   The company is so confident you’ll thrive from their offering, that they’ve made every first visit with a coach free of charge.