Why You Should Convert Your VHS Tapes to Digital Format

If you lived through the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, you probably have a collection of old VHS tapes somewhere in your home. While these are amazing to hang onto because of the nostalgia they bring, they are also old and outdated pieces of technology that can be difficult to store.

If you’re not already aware, digital conversion of VHS is an easy way to preserve your old home videos or favorite kids’ movies and make them more accessible. But why take the time to convert your VHS tapes to digital format? Here are a few key reasons to consider

VHS Tapes Are Fragile

One of the most significant benefits of VHS to digital conversion is that it can help preserve your old tapes from degrading and becoming unplayable over time.

Unlike digital formats, VHS tapes are sensitive to temperature changes and humidity levels, which means they can become damaged or ruined if not stored properly. This means that all those old home videos and VHS tapes you’ve been hanging onto for years could become completely unwatchable if not digitized soon.

Be sure to check out your VHS tapes often to ensure that they are in good condition and not showing any signs of deterioration.

VHS Tapes Take Up Space

Another practical benefit of VHS to digital conversion is that it can help you save valuable storage space in your home.

If you have an extensive collection of VHS tapes, then storing them in boxes or cabinets can take up a lot of room and make your home feel cluttered. Plus, it’s a perfect place for accumulating dust and dirt, which can quickly reduce your favorite movies to worthless pieces of junk.

Converting VHS tapes to a digital format is an easy way to free up some much-needed space in your home while still having access to all of your old videos and movies at any time.

Converting to Digital Format Is Easy and Cheap

While taking a physical VHS tape and transferring it to a digital format may sound complicated and very expensive, it’s actually straightforward and affordable.

The rise of the new technology in Capture Memories digitization is the one behind these changes.

Created by the team at Capture, they make it easy to send your VHS tapes directly to them by mail and have them converted to a digital format in just a few days.

Plus, they offer one of the fastest VHS to digital conversion services on the market, meaning you won’t have to be without your favorite home videos or movies for long. Capture is the clear choice for VHS to digital conversion, compared to other services that require a long and drawn-out process that can take weeks or even months to complete.

Practical Benefits

Instead of letting those old home videos or movies just sit as static, outdated pieces of technology, you can have a little fun with the digital versions.

Creating edited versions on your computer means you can create fun mashups of your old home videos and share them with friends and family.

Plus, the digital conversion also allows you to watch your favorite movies and shows on any screen or device you want. You’ll be able to take them with you wherever you go, so even if you’re away from home for an extended period, you can still watch all your favorite tapes you want.


If you’re still hanging onto your old VHS tapes, it’s time to consider VHS to digital conversion. 

Not only can this help preserve your old home videos and movies by making them less fragile and more accessible, but it is also an easy way to save valuable storage space in your home while still enjoying all of your favorite memories.

Preserve your old home videos and movies by converting them to digital today!