Randi F. Braun Tells Us Something Major

What makes your book a must-read?

The rules of the Old Playbook aren’t working for women at work. Women have goals and dreams that can’t wait for systemic change in our workplace: we need a New Playbook to help us thrive right now.

If you could give your book to one world leader, who would it be and why? 

I’d give it to our Vice President Kamala Harris. Not because she needs it but because I admire her so much. She’s already modeling so many of the tools within the New Playbook, like pursuing your most audacious goals, leading intuitively, and owning your message.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?  

Getting from the first 30,000 words to the second 30,000 words nearly killed me. Once I got over that hump, I practically sprinted to the finish line. There were moments at word 36,000 or 42,000 that I truly wanted to give up. There were even days I cried, because writing is so stunningly raw and emotional — even when it’s non-fiction! I’m so glad I didn’t … but it was REALLY tempting.  

What is the most exciting story you tell in your book? 

This book has been described as “life-changing advice shared one wildly entertaining story at a time” and story that really encapsulates that for me is the very first one I tell in the book. It’s about a woman who complains she has “no desire.” In fact, “she can’t even remember the last time she was in the mood” … but she’s not talking about what you think she’s talking about: she’s talking about a bad case of low work libido. Unfortunately, too many women have it and there’s just no little blue pill for that. All the stories in here are totally human and often hilarious. I love how much fun women tell me they have when they read this book.

One word that best describes you


Any ritual like a specific scented candle, preferred writing place, or drink that you kept through writing

I’m religious about my morning walk in the woods. Apparently, Thoreau was onto something after all…

If there is a movie adaptation of your book, who do you think would be perfect for the lead roles? 

Can we get a Time Machine? If so, a young Barbara Streisand. I’ve been told my whole adult life that I look like her and she has the tenacity, joie de vivre, and confidence that embodies the New Playbook.  

What can this teach to a motivated and mission-driven population of writers?

One of my writing mentors, Eric Koester, told me: getting through your manuscript is like getting through a migraine. Asking for an extension just prolongs the pain. The only way out is through.

What advice can you give to a woman who wants to thrive?

Get clear on who you want to “BE” and the “DOING” part will come with ease. It’s advice my own long-time coach LA Redding once gave me and it is a theme across every chapter in this book, from reclaiming time to quieting your inner critic and building boundaries.

Are you ready for our rapid-fire questions? Let’s go. 

1. Hats or Caps – Hats

2. Thinker or Doer – Doer

3. Would you rather find your dream job or win the lottery – Dream job… I did just write a book on work!

4. Street smarts or book smarts – street smarts

5. Do you prefer social time or alone time – social

6. Love or friendship – what’s one without the other?

7. Salty or sweet – sweet

8. Do you prefer driving or flying – flying

9. Stilettos or Flip-flops – flip flops

10. Summer or winter – summer

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