10 Times You Should Definitely Hire a Lawyer

What if you tried to save money and it cost you a fortune?

Many times, people are hesitant to hire a lawyer because they want to save money. However, they don’t realize how much money a lawyer could have saved them until it’s too late.

Wondering when you need to cave in and hire a lawyer? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Jail Is On the Line

Sometimes, figuring out when you need a lawyer is simple. It starts with you figuring out what the worst that could happen if you should lose your case.

For example, if there is a chance that you could end up in jail, then it’s worth it to get a lawyer. Such a professional has been trained to present the best case possible, increasing your odds of a successful defense.

Think of it this way: if you go to jail, you’ll lose the chance to work, possibly for many years. Compared to that, the cost of hiring a lawyer is relatively small.

The Stakes Are Too High

Of course, jail isn’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to hiring lawyers. You also need to be aware of the maximum amount of money you might have to pay out for things like damages and court costs.

It can be very sobering when you realize how much money you stand to lose. And it’s easy to find cases where people’s entire lives have been ruined by losing a court case.

So, you do the math. Get a free consultation with a lawyer and an estimate of the overall legal costs and compare that to what you might have to pay if you lose.

If the stakes are high enough, it’s time to go ahead and call a lawyer.

Estate Planning

We like to think that our families are strong enough that nothing can tear them apart. However, ugly fights over a deceased person’s will can tear families apart in a heartbeat.

Estate planning is a classic case where hiring a lawyer is completely worth it. They can make sure that you have completed all of the necessary paperwork without leaving any loopholes that a greedy family member might try to exploit.

If you’re doing estate planning (or plan to do it very soon), make sure you find a great attorney in your area.

The Other Side Has a Lawyer

While the law is very complex, deciding on hiring a lawyer can be relatively simple. For instance, answer this simple question: does the other side have a lawyer?

Representing your own case in court may be considered acceptable if the other person is doing the same. But if they have hired legal representation, you need to go ahead and do the same.

Remember, it’s a lawyer’s job to know the law and “speak the language” necessary to present a good case. Furthermore, a local lawyer may have insights into the local area and even the judge that may prove helpful to your case.

When Time Is of The Essence

Want to hear a secret most people don’t know about the law? Even when a case is going well for you, it could be a long time before anything happens.

If you feel that this is a time-sensitive issue, then it’s worth hiring a lawyer. One reason is that such a professional may be able to encourage the other party to agree to a settlement.

Now, some people dislike settlements because the other party typically pays less than they would have to pay if they lose the case. But a settlement guarantees your side both a win and (some of) the money.

Divorce And/Or Child Custody

Some cases arguably never need a lawyer while other cases always need one. One of the biggest examples of the latter is if you are dealing with issues of divorce,  child custody, and child support.

In those cases, the stakes are about as high as they can get. All of your shared property is up for grabs, and so is your ability to spend time with your children!

Plus, remember when we said you always need a lawyer if the other side has one? Go ahead and assume your spouse has hired a lawyer and give yourself and your attorney the time you need to gather evidence.

You certainly don’t want to lose your case and be stuck looking for apartments after you lose your home.

There Is Evidence Against You

Speaking of evidence, here is another straightforward case of whether you should hire a lawyer or not. Be sure to hire a lawyer if there is evidence against you, especially evidence that seems compelling.

A good attorney may be able to get a judge and jury to look at compelling evidence in a different light. Even better, such an attorney may be able to prove that the evidence was illegally obtained and therefore inadmissible in a court of law.

Make no mistake: when the other side has evidence, it puts your case in serious danger. Better to hire representation now and give yourself the best possible chances.

You’ve Been Injured

We’ve mentioned doing the math a few different times. But there is one scenario where it is difficult to do the math, and that is when you have been injured.

This is because the number of damages you may be eligible for extends beyond things like medical costs and missed employment. You need to also consider things like how this will affect future employment and the more intangible cost of emotional damages.

Hiring a lawyer is wise in these cases because they will have a better idea of how much these things are worth and how much you should ask for. And in this case, the cost of the lawyer may be far outweighed by the damages you are eligible for.

When to Hire a Lawyer: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to handle these stressful situations: hire a lawyer! But do you know how else to deal with the stress in your life?

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