5 Organizing Tips to Use When Moving Into Your New Home

Around 40 million people move house every year in the United States.

That’s around 14% of the entire population!

That’s a lot of people sorting, packing, loading and moving their entire life from one place to another. It’s no mean feat. Stress, hassle, and hard-work are inevitable.

And at the end of the move itself, there’s a brand new house to clean up and organize! We wanted to help with this final step. After all, organizing doesn’t have to be difficult.

Keep reading for some tip organizing tips to help out in your new home.

5 Organizing Tips to Have Your New Home Looking Ship Shape

With the builders (such as Cape Coral home builders) and/or movers gone, it’s time to get organizing. It can feel like a big task. But the following tips will make it a breeze.

1. Declutter Before Packing

The first tip is to get rid of anything you don’t need.

No matter where you live, moving house is a great excuse to sort through everything you’ve accumulated over the years. It makes sense to sort and throw it out before you pack the boxes. But don’t worry if you’re already in the new place.

Simply set aside all the items you don’t want anymore. Why not hold a front lawn sale? It could be a great way to meet the neighbors too.

2. Maximize Storage Space

Don’t just shove everything willy-nilly into low-traffic areas of your home.

Attics and garages are commonly treated this way. Tools, toys, bikes and miscellaneous items are all set aside, in out of sight, out of mind style. Things can get messy.

Instead, take the time to add work stations, storage options, and shelves to help organize it. Having ways to stack and store your stuff will make it easier to keep the spaces tidy.

3. Opt for Open-Storage

All those boxes, cabinets and cupboards make it tempting to simply shove stuff inside.

That’s where open-storage comes into play. With open wardrobes and shelves, you’re forced to make more effort! After all, it’s on display for all to see. You’ll be folding and hanging those clothes in no time!

4. Optimize Empty Space

Got any hidden nooks and crannies in your new home?

Put them to work! All those spaces under the stairs, in the attic, and beneath the bed all come in handy to help keep your things organized and out of the way.

If these don’t suffice then it would be worth considering to opt for a self storage london unit near you

5. Install Handy Organizational Help

All sorts of organizational gizmos are available these days.

Rails, racks, hooks, sliding draws, and so on can all add up to make a big difference around the house. Install rails around the kitchen to hang your mugs. Buy cubbies to keep toys, books, and papers. Buy hanging baskets with multiple layers for food…and so on.

Time to Get Organizing

There you have it: 5 organizing tips to help you keep your new home clean and tidy.

Millions of people move home every year. It’s an exciting time! However, there’s always a hefty amount of work and organization required at the end of it.

Hopefully, the tips above will ensure the organizational process is all smooth sailing.

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