4 Ways YouTubers Make Money

If you’ve got Internet access and an engaging personality, you could be using YouTube to make money. 

How much money? Well, last year, the channel Ryan ToysReview ran by a seven-year-old boy generated $22 million. While this is obviously an extreme, there is good money to be made on YouTube. 

How do YouTubers make money, anyway? We reveal four ways influencers make their money.

1. AdSense

That 30- to 60-seconds advertisement you watch before each video is a big money maker for both YouTube and video’s uploader. 

Generate YouTube ad revenue through Google AdSense. Once you make an account with this service, it’ll incorporate ads into your videos. You then get a small profit from each ad, based on clicks or views. 

With enough of a fan base, this money adds up. But, it’s not the only way YouTubers make money. 

2. Affiliate Links

Another great tool to earn money is by including affiliate links when making videos.  The best way to do this is by being honest and only sharing affiliate links for things you truly believe in.

If you’re a food vlogger, you can share links about specific kitchen tools or ingredients you use in your videos. Then, fans who trust your judgment can follow the link and purchase the item. In exchange for featuring their product, the business gives you a percentage of the sales generated through your unique link. 

You can even use this method to trade services or products in exchange for promoting a business. For example, if you break your phone, work out a deal to showcase an affiliate link for iphone screen repair for a free repair. 

3. Products 

Another way of making money on YouTube is through products or merchandise. 

Once you gain a following of loyal fans, create products that speak to your brand. If you’re a fashion vlogger, try selling your own clothing line. If you’re a travel vlogger, sell unique journals for fans to document their trips. 

With the right following and the right products, you can make a hefty product through selling merchandise. 

4. Patreon

If you’re new to the YouTube world, you may not know about Patreon.

This amazing resource is similar to crowdsourcing or Kickstarter. Your fans contribute monetary donations to support your content. They can do this through a one-time donation or sign up on a subscription basis. 

Many YouTubers offer special content to their Patreon supporters to encourage them to donate. This could include access to videos early or an invite to a special social media page where you interact with fans. 

Stop Asking ‘How Do YouTubers Make Money?’

After reading this article, you no longer need to ask, “How do YouTubers make money?” Instead, you can join the ranks of high-earning YouTubers and start earning serious cash.

Start by using AdSense and affiliate links to generate some money and build a fan base. Once you become popular enough, create a product and offer Patreon and watch the money pour in. 

If you’re interested in more ways to make money online, check out this article on the future of the Influencer trend.