8 Creative Ways to Apologize to Your Partner

Are you working up the courage to apologize for your mistake? No one wants to admit when they’re wrong, but a sincere apology can clear the air and get your relationship back on track.

A sincere apology means you need to own up to your mistakes without blaming the other person. Saying those words, sometimes over and over again to reassure your partner, is a good start. 

Following up with other more creative ways to apologize reinforces your point. It shows you want to make up for your mistake.

Try these creative options.

1. Write a Sincere Note

Apologizing verbally can help, but the words are gone as soon as you speak them. A handwritten apology note lets your partner keep the words forever. It also takes more thought than just saying, “I’m sorry,” so it can be one of the most meaningful ways to apologize.

Make sure the apology is sincere and says what you’re sorry for. Include ways you plan to change in the future and how you plan to make up for the incident this time.

2. Cook an Apology Meal

When you mess up, it’s your job to make amends. One way to do that is by cooking up a meal of your partner’s favorites. It shows you care and that you’re willing to make up for your wrongs. And a belly full of favorite foods puts everyone in a better mood.

Lacking skills in the kitchen? Make reservations at your partner’s favorite restaurant or bring home carry-out as a surprise.

3. Give a Meaningful Gift

You don’t want to rely on material items every time you mess up without making changes to your behavior. But a sincere apology gift is one way to say I’m sorry while showing how much your partner means to you. Consider the things your partner likes or might enjoy when choosing your gift.

Why not say you’re sorry with a special piece of jewelry? Jewelry shops like Alexander Sparks offer everything from necklaces and bracelets to rings. 

Or buy tickets to a fun event or activity your partner enjoys. The experience gift gives you a chance to spend quality time together to help repair the damage done to the relationship.

4. Clean Up Your Mess

What did you do that warrants an apology? How can you clean up the mess it made now? You can’t always erase the mistake you made, but you may be able to make it better.

Say you forgot your partner’s birthday. Plan a special birthday celebration after the fact. Or maybe you started a home renovation project but didn’t finish, and you’re partner just wants it done. Pick up the paintbrush and get moving on the project.

5. Apologize with Physical Touch

Don’t underestimate the healing power of a long, sincere hug after you apologize. Unless your partner needs some time and physical space, wrap your arms around your love after you express your regrets. A massage is another way to apologize with touch. The relaxing effect may also help your partner calm down after the disagreement.

6. Use Humor

Before you crack jokes about your mistake, think about how your partner will react. Comedic relief only works if the person on the receiving end is open to it. Joking about the mistake when your partner isn’t in a laughing mood can make the situation worse.

You might make up a silly poem about how you messed up. Or create a play on words using a gift with a fun attached apology note. You might write, “Please forgive me for putting my foot in my mouth,” attached to a gift card for a pedicure or a pair of fuzzy socks.

7. Say It Through Music

Create an apology playlist to let the lyrics tell your partner how you feel. Mix in a few favorite love songs or your special song. If you’re a creative person, write your own apology song. Then perform it for your partner to show how sorry you feel.

8. Plan a Day of Your Partner’s Favorites

Put your partner first by planning a day of favorites. Take your partner to favorite spots or meaningful places where you’ve shared happy memories together. Stop at your partner’s favorite restaurants, or plan a vacation to your partner’s favorite spot. This apology method also shows that you truly know and care about your partner.

Favorite Ways to Apologize

What are your best ways to apologize to your partner? Keep reading the blog to find other relationship advice like falling in love with your spouse again.