The Next Big Thing For Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has become increasingly popular in the last decade. Boasting benefits such as scalability, efficiency, and real-time data access, more and more enterprises are choosing cloud storage methods to sustain and empower their business. According to a research survey conducted by Avere Systems and Gatepoint Research, executives and IT professionals believe that there are three main benefits to this method of storage. ‘Disaster Recovery’ was at the very top of their list, followed by Centralizing Data Management, and Cost Savings. Some slightly less prioritized, but notable benefits also included Virtualized Storage Resources and Elimination of Storage Silos.

What Is Cloud Storage?

Essentially, cloud storage is a method in which data may be stored on the Internet. Cloud Storage requires a cloud computing provider that ultimately manages and operates data storage as a service. This eliminates the hassle of having to buy and manage your own data ecosystem, which becomes incredibly cumbersome and leaves your data floating around in chaos. Thanks to Cloud Storage, data users can now access their data anytime; all in one place, and engage in a pay-as-you-go model that cuts down on costs. With everything that Cloud Storage has to offer, our heads are in the clouds and we can’t help but wonder, what’s next?

Carving Out a New Category For Apps

According to Arvind Raichur, CEO and Co-founder of social cloud storage platform, MrOwl, the next big thing is social sharing. “People want to be able to customize the Internet based on who they are and what’s important to them and their digital needs,” he says. It is for this reason why Raichur and his team carved out an entirely new category for digital apps called Social Cloud Storage™. Designed to enhance communication and productivity, Social Cloud Storage™ helps bridge the gap between home and work life, facilitating a human-first environment above all else.

The MrOwl platform enables users to easily store collections of information including documents, links, and media in an organized, collaborative, searchable, and shareable cloud-based environment. Users can upload gigabytes of data with a few clicks and have it automatically organized for them. The links that consumers save can even be customized and reordered like their own personal search engine, identifying what’s important to them and why. Users can then discover new content about things that they are interested in and join a wider community of individuals with similar passions. It’s never been easier to share knowledge and resources!

Consolidating and Streamlining

Aside from moving to a more social structure, the next big thing for the cloud is consolidation. Internet users are now looking to streamline the number of apps that they use on a regular basis. Bringing together the best of social, search, and cloud storage, platforms like MrOwl are responding to users’ needs and making their lives that much easier. In fact, users can now store, share and simultaneously search their cloud, computer files, and the Internet altogether in one search box.

Integrating AI & Human Intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence becomes even more intelligent and advanced, it is no wonder that the technology is seeping over into the cloud storage realm. In the future, we can expect to see more and more integrations with AI. Though, it is paramount that we prioritize human intelligence over hard algorithms. “The MrOwl platform was designed and built to store, organize, and search valuable digital content on demand. It utilizes both artificial and human intelligence in a collaborative environment to enhance the user experience while placing an emphasis on community information over the algorithm. This makes it possible for consumers to find the information that they’re actually looking for that’s been shared by real people, like them,” Raichur adds.

Enhanced Security

And of course, at the forefront of any data-related conversation is security. Individuals are more aware than ever that their data is being used to target them. And with good reason, they are demanding to have more control. Fortunately, MrOwl has found a way to restore that control. Users can choose to receive increased privacy in an ad free environment through one of the platforms’ premium packages. Since the user does not wish to be served more targeted and relevant ads, the platform will keep users’ information completely anonymous. Choice is the main value here and it will empower more and more users as time goes on.

Cloud Storage services have a lot in store (no pun intended). From increased sociability to enhanced security, MrOwl is a great example of where we are headed and what it means to be connected today.