Pet Care 101: 21 Tips for Making Dogs Happy and Keeping Them Happy

Do you know that your dog can get jealous when you display affection for another creature? Well, the answer is probably No!

Dogs are unique, and as a dog owner, you’ll always feel that you must understand what makes him/her happy.

This isn’t something that you have to worry about as dogs love the simplest activities (as long as you are around).

Once you engage them, they’ll always return their love with honesty and dedication.

However, if you keep repeating the same activities over and over, they’ll get bored.

Taking your dog for a walk, visiting the vet regularly, teaching him new tricks and playing games are just some of the few things that can keep your dog happy.

Your pet is a part of your family that shouldn’t be ignored. Use these tips to keep your dogs happy now and in the future.

1. Give Them A Bath

While your dogs may not necessarily need to be bathed every week, regular baths will have them feeling clean and fresh.

Also, you’ll not only be more apt to pet them because they feel cleaner and smell better, but you’ll also be getting rid of pesky fleas.

2. Teach New Tricks

Dogs are fast learners, and you’ll be surprised that they can grasp new tricks in a short time. Training is an incredible way to spend time with your dog and create a bond.

Remember that old dogs can learn new tricks, so don’t hesitate to try new things on your senior!

3. Play Games

Dogs love to be engaged in different games. So, indoor games such as hide and seek or tug of war can make your dog happy.

If you are playing hide and seek, for instance, let your dog stay while you find a spot to hide. Once situated, call your dog, and if he finds you, compliment him/her.

4. Socialize With Your Dog

Take your dogs out when visiting your friends or relatives. Or even on longer trips, though for reasons of their absolute comfort you may have to call an expert pet transport service, for which you can click here now.

Just like humans, dogs love to socialize, and in their formative years, meeting new people makes them friendly and kind towards strangers later in life.

5. Respect Their Individuality

Sometimes your dog prefers being alone. So, you’ve got to watch out for signs that he/she needs some time alone.

While you may love to cuddle him/her, restrain yourself and give him/her space. He/she will always come when done he/she is done exploring.

6. Use Food Dispensing Toys For Meals

By using a food dispenser for your dog’s meal, you’ll be giving them a fun problem to solve. It also adds extra mental stimulation to their routine.

This helps to cut down on problem behavior such as excessive chewing or barking.

7. Give Him Compliments

Dogs thrive in compliments and positivity. So, let him/her know every time he/she is doing something that makes you happy. This motivates him/her to do it over and over again.

8. Take Your Dog Swimming

If your dog loves water, you should plan a trip to your local lake or beach for a fun outing.

This isn’t just fun, but it’s an excellent form of exercise, especially for dogs with joint issues such as arthritis. If your dog isn’t used to the deep water, remember to use a doggie life jacket.

9. Limit Their Food

While most owners tend to believe that limiting their dog food intake is counter intuitive, they have to understand that dogs will try to eat an entire bag of kibble before they think they’re full.

By limiting your dog’s food intake, you’ll keep his/her weight in check, and this makes him/her happier. Excessive weight limits his/her playtime and increases body temperature. This makes him/her lazy.

10. Relax With Your Dog

You can choose to relax with your dog at the beach, during a hike, in your yard and your kitchen. Teaching your dog to relax and sit down makes a great bonding time.

Quietly lay down or sit together watching the stars, ceiling, or waves crash. This might not be an exciting activity, but you’ll notice that your dog will open up and relax, feeling comfortable by your side.

11. Give Her A Job

Most full-fledged adult dogs aren’t satisfied unless they’re given something to do. So you may have to put him in charge of carrying treats during hikes.

You can also let him fetch the keys every time he/she is going outside. Don’t make your actions predictable as every small variation makes everything interesting.

12. Talk The Talk

You need to talk to your dog frequently. It doesn’t have to be deep or meaningful, but he/she will benefit when you speak to him/her. This makes him/her familiar with your voice in different situations, which can be relaxing.

13. Visit The Vet Regularly

You should see a vet when your dog is about ten months old to get a physical exam and maybe de-worming.

For a senior dog that is more than ten years yearly check-up is essential. If they experience severe conditions such as chronic inflammation, pain, anxiety, or stress, your veterinary may have to consider the best CBD oil for Dogs as a treatment option.

It is important to understand endocannabinoid system, because it is important to understand and be careful about what you are putting into your body (or your pets) so make sure you do your research so you understand what CBD is and what it can do for you!

14. Make The Tail Wag

Set yourself the challenge to see how many times you can make the tail of your dog wag without touching him/her. Use different sounds, intonation and body language. Your dog can greatly benefit from such an interaction.

15. Rotate Toys

Dogs tend to get bored with toys, but it doesn’t mean that you always have to buy new ones. If your dog gets bored with what’s out now, you can try bringing out an old one that he/she probably forgot. Putting the toys on rotation makes him/her always excited.

16. Keep Sprinkler systems Going

If your dog enjoys a bath, then sprinkler systems can be an ultimate fun sensation.

So that not to scare him/her with a cold, unexpected jet in the face, you have to put the sprinkler on first then let the dog out. This is a fun activity if you are busy and can’t keep him/her engaged.

17. Buy A Kiddie Pool

If you aren’t close to the lake or a beach, you can still give your dog the water experience they need by buying them a kiddie pool.

This might not be ideal for larger breeds, but small dogs will enjoy cooling off and splashing around.

18. Let Them Smell The Roses

Every time you go out on a walk, you should let your dog explore and smell the place.

Dogs love sniffing flowers, plants, and grass to find out what happened since the last time they took a walk. They also get to enjoy the walk as they won’t feel that it’s a rushed exercise. Just be sure to apply a dog balm on their paws after a long walk to soothe their tired dry paws.

19. Leave your Windows Open

You can hardly spend the whole day with your dog because you have other duties to attend.

Your dog too has his/her share of responsibilities mainly to smell, hear and look. So, every time you’re out, keep your windows open so that your dog can be stimulated.

You should have secure screens on your window just in case your pup tries to hop out!

20. Let Them Sleep With You

Not every dog owner can pull this off as it may feel uncomfortable sharing a bed with a dog.

Some people are allergic, while others probably lack the space to accommodate them. However, dogs love sharing their sleeping spot with owners because they feel safe and comfortable all night.

21. Find Company For Your Dog

Most Dogs that live in apartments lack the company of friendly animals. Sometimes your trips to the park are scarce, and you also can’t afford to own two pets.

If this is the case, you should consider finding a friend with a dog come over so that they can have fun together.

According to Rabbit Life, rabbits can be great friends for your dog(as long as they are introduced properly of course)

Learn How To Keep Your Dogs Happy!

Keeping your dogs happy can be overwhelming, but if you give them regular baths, you’ll get rid of pesky fleas that make them uncomfortable.

If you’re close to a lake or beach, take some time off and go swimming. Remember to carry the doggie life jacket just in case you’ll head into deep water.

You have to regulate how your dog eats. If you overfeed, him/her chances are that he/she will gain excess weight which can affect his/her playtime.

You also have to make yearly veterinary appointments if you have an older dog. Routine checkups help to spot and manage different medical conditions before they start.

Dogs love to play with toys, but they’ll get bored with what they’re used to. So, switching what’s out now with older ones keep them motivated.

For those who can’t manage trips to the beach or lake, a kiddie pool is a perfect way for small dogs to enjoy cooling off.

If you are too busy and can’t find time to go to the park, have a friend with a dog to come over so that your pet has company.

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