Seeing Into the Future: How Accurate Are Horoscopes?

70 million Americans read their horoscopes every single day.

While some read and agree or conform to what their star sign says, some do it for fun, and others do it just to disprove the reading.

Over the centuries, people have used astrology for different purposes. Some have used it to navigate relationships and others to manage their careers.

A separate group has even used it for their sobriety and wealth accumulation journeys.

Horoscopes can be fun to read, but their authenticity is often questioned. How accurate are horoscopes? Find out the truth about horoscopes here.

The Basis of Horoscope Star Signs

Many people are aware of the zodiac signs. There are 12 constellations which are separated by 30 degrees in the sky.

Their position in relation to the moon and sun is believed to dictate numerous factors on earth, as well as dictating an individual’s life events.

These include one’s personality and success in life.

How Accurate are Horoscopes?

Each star sign is allocated a personality. However, the accuracies of these assignments cannot be definitively termed as accurate or inaccurate.

While someone cannot be assigned a personality in this sense, some people see close similarities between their personalities and their assigned star sign personalities.

To develop visions of the future, astrologers analyze planetary motions by examining charts and comparing astrological transits with geometry.

Astrology has a very wide scope. This makes it rather difficult to capture the specifics of each person’s experiences. Attempting to do would require pages upon pages of narration.

For horoscopes published in print media, the word length threshold rarely exceeds 100. This alone limits astrologers from exploring how a sign will relate to the world on any given day.

The limited space also makes the readings feel too generalized. This is actually a common feeling shared by people who dispel the accuracy of astrology.

Aside from the space limitations, each sign experiences similar journeys at varying astrological degrees and in varying ways.

The planets are also mobile, changing transits at different times. The specifics of transits, which can be down to minutes, can strengthen or weaken their effects depending on an individual’s birth chart.

Natal Charts

Natal charts and electional astrology varies from day to day. For this reason, horoscopes are calculated based on each day’s natal chart synastry, coupled with the 12 zodiac signs.

Astrologers get accurate readings by placing a sign on a natal chart wheel, then try to align the transits of the day with another chart.

There is usually a chart of each sign, this is done to have a comparison and see how the signs relate to the transits.

For you to get a more accurate prediction, don’t just stop at reading your sun sign. Instead, read the horoscopes of your rising sun sign, along with the sun sign.

What the Rising Sun Sign Tells You

When you use the horoscope only, this is solely based on your star sign, which is basically the day you were born. This is pretty general information, and it’s shared with billions of others around the world.

Your rising sun sign gives you more insights into how you interact with others as well as your presentation of yourself on a day to day basis.

This is calculated using your exact time of birth, day, month and year. It also includes the state, city, and country you were born in.

This is because your sign is calculated from your birthday, whereas your sun signs are derived from the information of the day you were born.

Ascendant or rising charts represent your most natural, authentic personality.
They represent the axis for your birth chart, as well as how other people view you.

Your Ascendant is in your first house, meaning that it dictates the rest of your chart.

Interestingly, at the time you were born, this is the placement of the zodiac sign that was directly above the horizon.

When you understand what goes into a reading, you realize that it takes several different factors to get an accurate prediction.When done with all the factors in place, astrology becomes cunningly accurate.

What Gives Astrology a Bad Reputation?

Truth be told, anyone that understands astrology lingo can write a horoscope.
This is what gives astrology a bad reputation.

For this reason, some of the newspaper horoscopes you see are written by reporters and journalists with no inclination of astrology whatsoever.

At times, if you are a keen follower, you will notice the exact same horoscope reading appears severally within a year. This should not happen with genuine astrology.

This lack of professionalism is also what stops astrology from being taken seriously, studied, and data compiled to reflect its successes.

Think of it in this sense. A newspaper could be read by millions of people. So say you are a Gemini and you head on to read what the Gemini horoscope reads on any given day.

You and millions of others do the same thing.

What are the chances that millions of people will have the exact same experiences each day of the week for years? Therein lies the limitation of free newspaper horoscope readings.

For this reason, if you take the Zodiac seriously and want an accurate reading, the only place to get it is from an expert.

This way, you get your one personalized, accurate reading. They might also use tarot cards to get more information.

What Does The Future Hold?

So how accurate are horoscopes?

There really is no simple answer to this question. However, getting one done by a professional gives you an individualized, more accurate reading.

Also, the more you read up on the subject and the factors that contribute to a final reading, the better placed you are to grasp astrology, what it entails and how to use it in your day to day life.

Have we piqued your interest? Read up more on our blog, and hopefully, you will look for a professional astrologer to find out what the future holds.