Women Traveling Alone at Higher Risk

Women who travel alone on holiday are at special risk under some circumstances and in some areas. The key for a single female out traveling is always be aware of your surroundings, and if anything, anything at all, appears to be strange or suspicious to leave immediately without bothering to make apologies or give excuses.

That said, there are some common sense rules that apply to all women while traveling — whether on business or pleasure.

First, if you are drinking alone in a bar never leave your drink unattended — bring it with you wherever you go, even into the restroom. This will prevent anyone from dropping any kind of drug into your drink. And of course, say the car wreck injuries attorneys, never drink and drive.

Second, always carry a cell phone conspicuously with you. Even if it doesn’t work, just displaying it can discourage someone from bothering you.

Always wear sunglasses, for their intimidating effect and the aura of power and authority they can give you. Sexual predators have a keen understanding of the look of vulnerable women; if they can’t see your eyes they can’t get any idea of how you might really be feeling.

Never flash your cash. Personal finance magazine Finance Fox recommends, “Whenever possible use debit cards and credit cards, and don’t be afraid to politely ask nosy strangers to back away from your personal space when your are using a password or a pin number.”