Cloud Storage Is Far Bigger Than Just Backups

Cloud storage has grown significantly from the days of yesteryear, when it was simply a means of backup with no bells and whistles. Growth has occurred with the Cloud’s scalability, efficiency, and real-time data access to a point where both businesses and consumers are proactively electing to use it as their primary source of information connectivity.  Study after study has shown that there are several highly relevant reasons to utilize the cloud. ‘Disaster Recovery’ is at the top of almost every study, then Centralizing Data Management, and finally, cost savings. As an aside, cost savings, while noted in a traditional form, truly comes in many; most of which have a very real impact to your personal or professional bottom-line.  As the old adage goes “time is money” and with an organized cloud, productivity goes up, freeing up our time.

Cloud Storage 101: The Roots

For those that may not understand Cloud Storage, it is a way data can be stored on the Internet. To use it properly, Cloud Storage requires a cloud computing provider designed specifically for this purpose. Thanks to Cloud Storage, data users, which include every business, as well as every consumer, can now access their data anytime; all in one place, and reduce their cost(s) with “pay as you go” offerings. Companies from Google to Microsoft and beyond offer Cloud-based storage.  Think this is really just a proverbial digital filing cabinet? Think again! The power of the cloud transcends what its inventors imagined.

Today’s Cloud Is More Robust Than Ever Before

Enter the “Social Cloud.”  According to Arvind Raichur, CEO and Co-Founder of Social Cloud Storage™ platform, MrOwl, social sharing is taking the world by storm. “People want to be able to customize the Internet based on who they are and what’s important to them and their digital needs,” he says. As a direct result, Raichur, a successful Entrepreneur with digital marketing and social media expertise, and his team, created an entirely new, category called Social Cloud Storage™. Created specifically to enhance communication and productivity, Social Cloud Storage™ creates a bridge between our home and work lives, while facilitating a human-first environment wherever we may physically be located.  

The user-friendly MrOwl platform enables users to store, find and connect with documents, links, and media in an organized, collaborative cloud-based platform. It is intuitive and simple; users can upload gigabytes of data with a few clicks while it is automatically organized for them. You can customize and reorder your information, in a manner that becomes their own personal search engine. Users easily identify what’s important to them and why. Information may be kept private or through MrOwl’s discovery capability, content can be shared, and connections made, through curated content, with individuals that share similar passions. Sharing research, data, and interests has never been this easy.  

The Cloud With Artificial Intelligence And More

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a while; recently, it has become more intelligent than ever before.  As a result, it is easy to understand how companies are integrating it into the cloud. In as much, it is easy to predict with great accuracy that we will continue to see more and more AI integrated into cloud-based applications, platforms, and programming. However, at each and every stage, it is mission critical for us to remember to prioritize human intelligence over direct algorithms.  In other words, humans are the brains behind the intelligence, and we cannot minimize what human brainpower, creativity, and learning bring to the table.

“The MrOwl platform was designed and built to store, organize, and search valuable digital content on demand. It utilizes both artificial and human intelligence in a collaborative environment to enhance the user experience while placing an emphasis on community information over the algorithm. This makes it possible for consumers to find the information that they’re actually looking for that’s been shared by real people, like them,” Raichur adds.

Addressing The Elephant In The Room: Security

If you haven’t guessed yet, we’ve left security last because, without a doubt, it is at the forefront of everyone’s mindset.  Unless you are living under a rock with no connectivity to the Internet, news media, or even human interaction, you understand just how important security is. And with good reason.  Security in the cloud, while an issue of great concern, is also one that is highly manageable. As we connect through the Social Cloud, it is MrOwl that has found a way to restore control through their proprietary solutions. Users can select the level of privacy they prefer, through a variety of membership options. When he/she selects a premium plan, they get increased privacy, and MrOwl doesn’t track anything that they do with identifiable information. 

At the end of the day, Cloud Storage offers a new world of data management and storage. Whether professionally or personally, socially or privately, MrOwl offers 

a tremendous example of what it means to enable progress in a manner that just makes sense.