Staying Protected During Covid at Festivals

Masks have been popular for a long time at raves because they give you an extra way to stand out from the crowd. Many masks are made with patterns and colors so that you can complement the rest of your outfit nicely. However, masks have now taken on a new level of significance as a result of COVID-19. Masks not only help you to look good, but they protect you from potentially dangerous bacteria as well. In some cases, you may not be allowed to enter a rave venue unless you’re wearing a mask. Therefore, it pays for you to learn some more about them. 

  • Masks And Raving 

Masks have had a long history when it comes to parties, and they have existed for hundreds of years. They were once worn by the wealthy at aristocratic gatherings and spread to other functions, such as galas and balls. As their popularity spread, it became normal to see them at parties. This is why they remain so popular in raves today. The purpose of wearing masks varies from person to person, but often they serve as a form of self-expression, giving a person a way to show their unique personality differently. At raves there is a profound lack of condemnation or judgment of another person’s choice of clothing, so wearing masks is rarely challenged. Now, because of COVID-19, it will be rare to see a raver without a mask of some kind. 

  • Finding Your Friends 

Masks also have a social function at raves. Seeing the face of your friend is no use if you can’t spot them in a moving crowd, and your chances of successfully doing that in a rave environment are very limited. Therefore, masks can be a way to identify them quickly. Groups of friends often wear similar masks so they can find each other on sight. You might like to try this with some of your friends as well.

  • Personal Concerns 

Sometimes masks are worn not for attracting attention, but for avoiding it. If you happen to be socially awkward, or you simply don’t want anyone you know to see you, then a mask is ideal for this purpose. It’s difficult to say how many people wear masks for this reason, but it is definitely a factor at every rave you attend. 

  • Themed Raves 

You might one day be invited to a rave that revolves around a certain topic, such as fantasy or black metal. In situations like these, you might be asked to wear a mask, not because of COVID-19, but because you need to match your outfit to the theme of the rave. 

  • Conclusion 

There are many ways that face masks can be used at raves, and we’ve only had space to cover a few of them here. They are most likely going to be compulsory for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a dull clinical mask. You can get plenty of exciting patterned masks instead.