Alexis Kennedy Is a Video Game Developer

Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry. However,
the very large video game studios are not the only companies that are making
money. There are a large number of independent video game studios that are much
smaller. There are many games that have sold millions of copies around the
world that were made by a small group of people on a shoestring budget.
Millions of dollars do not need to be invested in a video game in order for it
to be successful. Nobody knows that better than Alexis Kennedy. He is the
founder of a pair of independent video game development studios that have
generated large amounts of profit.

Alexis originally taught English for a living. However, he
did not think that career was very fulfilling. Therefore, he started a job as a
software developer. There was a natural transition from software development to
designing video games. He had always enjoyed video games from a very early age.
He had a few ideas for games. He decided to turn those video game ideas into
reality. He created a video game development company called Failbetter Games.
It was during this time that he created a game called Fallen London. This was a
browser game that became enormously successful. It has been played by more than
two million people over the past decade. He also created a game called Sunless
Sea. He was able to get the money he needed to make this game through an online
crowdfunding campaign.

Alexis Kennedy decided to quit working for Failbetter Games after he had worked there for a period of seven years. He spent the next year working as a freelance video game writer for many of the very big studios. He wanted to do this because he felt it would make him a better writer if he was able to expose himself to the very different styles of the larger studios. He worked on some very big video game projects during this time. He is pleased with the work that he accomplished. However, he decided that he would much rather be the person in charge. Therefore, he decided to create another studio to develop more video games.

Alexis Kennedy has founded another independent video game development studio called Weather Factory with a friend named Lottie Bevan. The studio has focused on developing games that have very complex narratives. Cultist Simulator was the initial release from Weather Factory. It was yet another hit for Alexis. It has received widespread acclaim from both critics and fans alike. He has been asked about his process for designing games. He says that he tries to create worlds that are complex so that the person playing the game becomes totally immersed. He believes the goal of a video game writer and developer is to create a game that people do not want to stop playing. This is much easier said than done. However, Alexis Kennedy has been able to do it on more than one occasion during his career.

Alexis Kennedy believes that the video games that he creates become so popular because he does not rush them. He takes the time to craft a compelling narrative. He feels that many of the independent video game developers are in a rush to get their games on the market. Therefore, they cut corners and end up making an inferior product. Fans of his games know what Alexis is going to bring to the table. He has a great reputation for creating games that have many hours of entertainment value. This is why he has become one of the most successful independent video game developers.