Growing Cannabis at Home: The Beginner’s Checklist

Growing cannabis indoors can be a rewarding and enriching experience, but it is crucial to understand the requirements before making a start. Despite the enjoyable nature of growing cannabis indoors, not taking the right steps could mean that you fail to harvest a healthy crop. 

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A Dedicated Growing Space 

Depending on the amount of cannabis you want to grow, there will be a need to acquire space. Those only looking to grow a little will find that a dedicated area in the room is fine, whereas those looking to harvest a more significant amount may want to consider the use of a spare room. 

Those using a smaller space may want to consider the use of a grow tent to ensure that maximum darkness is at hand when needed. 

Source the Right Cannabis Seeds 

As with any aspect of growing cannabis at home, you need to ensure that you are only purchasing high-quality seeds. If you are new to growing cannabis and are looking for seeds best suited to beginners, then you should consider Northern Lights (Indica) or Blue Dream (Hybrid.)

Use the Right Kind of Lights 

One of the most critical factors that need to be considered when growing cannabis is the right kind of lighting. Fortunately, there is plenty of guidance available online for those growing weed indoors with a light. 

Have Plenty of Patience 

Depending on the environment and the kind of cannabis strain you are growing, the time to grow weed can take anything from eight weeks to seven months. Some people may be tempted to take some shortcuts, but this is ill-advised, as it will yield nothing more than an impotent crop. 

Needless to say, if you don’t have the time to set aside when it comes to maintaining and curing the harvest, then growing cannabis may not be for you. 

Space to Dry the Cannabis 

The time to dry cannabis can depend on the temperature and layout of the space being used. When growing cannabis at home, you should aim for an optimal temperature of 70°F (21°C). 

The drying of cannabis can take between three and seven days, but the aim is to eliminate the moisture contained within the cannabis, so there can be times when the process takes longer. In short, it is better to be safe than sorry, as it helps eliminate problems occurring in the future. 

The drying process is essential, as it helps eradicate the growth of mold during the curing process. Even though the curing can take care of small amounts of moisture, too much could ruin the cannabis. 

Jars for the Curing Process 

You may have read or heard that when curing cannabis, the use of sandwich bags is just as efficient as using glass jars, but this is not the case. The fact of the matter is that if you use sandwich bags, you are going to end up with cannabis that is of exceptionally low quality. 

Therefore, those hoping for a successful harvest will ensure that they are investing in high-quality glass jars that ensure the curing process is efficient. 

Some may argue that the curing process is not required, but those looking to grow potent cannabis that is of high quality will need to treat the growing of cannabis in the same way as producing wine. 

Growing cannabis at home allows cannabis enthusiasts to sample different strains, thus allowing them to find a cannabinoid that works best for them. However, cutting corners when curing cannabis can mean that these benefits are dampened if recognized at all. 

It is fair to say that growing cannabis at home won’t be for everyone, but those searching for a pastime that helps perfect their