Surviving Remote Work Made Easy with Sharon Koifman

For some, remote work may seem like a new concept that they’re still adapting to. But some people chose remote work to fit their lifestyle way before the Pandemic hit the world. Either way, this is how most of us work today. So why not make the most of it? Sharon Koifman, CEO and Founder of DistantJob Remote Placement Agency, and author of Surviving Remote Work, shows us how.

Q. What is one lesson from Surviving Remote Work that everyone should know?

Pay attention to people’s mental health. When people go remote, they can disappear into a dark place. It’s up to both managers and fellow employees to catch each other as if they were in the office. It is the ethical things to do, and it will also help you with your bottom line

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Q. If you could give Surviving Remote Work to one person in the entire world, who would it be?

Sergei Brin to reconsider the entire policy of uprooting people from where they are to join their headquarters.

Q. Have you had any bad experiences with a remote worker slacking off?

I have plenty of bad experiences with bad employees. I don’t associate it with remote. My worst experience was with a salesman hired; on the first week of training, I asked if he like our product, and his answer was, I just like the money. I like to think that I we failed in the interview even before we hired.

Q. What’s the silliest thing your kids have done that distracted you from work?

My kids like to enter my room randomly, and I refuse to put on a lock. I guess as frustrating as it is, I do enjoy the visit. Often, my older one likes to come, sit on my lap, take over my headset and have a conversation with whoever is on the other side. She is really cute and is a great communicator, so no one seems to mind. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this happened in the middle of a podcast interview, and she was wearing the cutest thing, and the interviewer just starting chatting with her during the podcast. She is really lucky she is so cute.

Sharon Koifman

Q. Tell us something about YOU that know one else knows.

I think that you know that I know that you know that I know, that this is probably not a reasonable question, considering that your friends and wife would kill me if you found something first from an online interview, but let me try to play along.  While most people assume I’m a big scotch drinker, my favorite drink is sake. 😊

Q. What’s the funniest thing to happen during a Zoom meeting?

I always find it amusing when I get stuck in a situation with horrible latency. Once in a blue moon, I get a 5 seconds delay, which brings the conversation to a different level of awkwardness. It a bit strange yet so amusing when you make a joke and don’t yet realize the massive latency. One time I chatted with a client where we had approximately 7 seconds latency. So you can imagine when I made a joke not yet realizing the horrible latency. The person on the other side just had a serious face, not even acknowledging I made a joke, making me think my sense of humor is completely off. Then 7 seconds later, that seemed like a lifetime in joke time, he starts cracking up for about a minute.  This was the most awkward comedy routine I have ever had.

Q. What do you love about remote working? What do you hate?

What their not to love? No traffic, seeing my family, no time-wasting, setting up my office the way I like.
The hate is a bit more challenging, but I feel I missed on the experience of going for a happy hour after work with your colleagues.

Rapid Fire Questions and Answers

Q. Morning person or night owl?


Q. Coffee or RedBull?


Q. Suit and Tie or Sweatshirt?

Suit no tie, in such disconnected times; it’s nice to feel like a professional

Q. Desktop or Laptop?


Q. Movie night with the Family or fun night out?

Fun night out

Q. The ability to fly or invisibility?


Q. Visiting the Ocean or camping by a lake?


Q. Eminem or Snoop Dog?

Do I sound like a snob if I don’t consider rap real music? I guess I would go with Eminem. He seems to rap faster.

Q. Selfie or Group Photo

Group  photo

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