How Much Money Can You Get in a Trucking Accident Settlement?

How Much Money Can You Get in a Trucking Accident Settlement?

Truck crashes happen every day. When a tractor-trailer hits your vehicle, you usually face severe injuries that could change your life forever. But most people aren’t equipped financially to handle the burden, so they rely on a truck accident settlement to take care of their health and financial needs.

Anyone suffering severe tractor-trailer crash injuries wants to know what they can expect in a settlement. There’s no average settlement for such severe accidents, but there are a few things that affect how much you get in the bank for your injuries.

Here’s more information to help you understand what your accident case could be worth. Remember to run your case by a truck crash attorney to get more information. They usually don’t charge for the consultation, so you don’t have anything to lose.

Truck Crash Settlement Factors

A truck accident case involves personal injury. Your attorney must demonstrate the driver’s or company’s negligence to receive money for your injuries and damages. Negligence happens when a person or entity acts in an unreasonable way that causes someone else losses. The losses could involve money, health, or both. But if you don’t prove negligence, your case vanishes.

Getting a rough number for your possible settlement involves a solid understanding of the following aspects:

Injury Severity

Severe truck accident injuries that involve high medical bills and surgery always get more settlement dollars. Bad injuries, such as broken bones, internal injuries, and head trauma, will get more sympathy from a potential jury.

The insurance company knows juries award more money to seriously injured people. They’re also more sympathetic to those who are hurt by corporate negligence. The insurance adjuster is more likely to offer a higher settlement because they know that they could pay much more if it goes to court.

Medical Costs

The more severe your injuries, the more medical care you need. Most insurance companies focus on your medical care costs to arrive at a possible settlement figure.

For example, if you shatter your hip in the accident, you’ll probably need surgery and a hospital stay. Plus, you’ll have physical therapy for weeks or months after surgery. This type of care usually involves tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. This will be a significant driver of a truck accident settlement.

But there are a few exceptions. Insurance companies value medical care from a doctor or surgeon much more than chiropractors or acupuncturists. If you claim $10,000 in chiropractor bills, the insurance company may view that skeptically. But $10,000 in hospital costs will be valued higher.

Lost Earnings

Another massive factor in a truck accident settlement is how much work time you lose. If you’re out of work for three months because of a herniated disc, you’re probably going to get a more significant settlement than if you lose a week of work for a strained wrist.

An attorney will also receive more lost earnings than a marketing specialist because they earn more per pay period.

If you’re unemployed, you’re mostly out of luck; the insurance company won’t pay you for lost work time.

Pain and Suffering

Truck crash victims with a lot of pain and suffering get more compensation. For instance, you’ll have more pain and suffering with a broken kneecap than a sprained wrist.

But how do you prove pain and suffering? Documentation is critical. Your doctor needs to confirm that your injuries cause so much pain and suffering. It also helps if you keep a ‘pain journal’ that describes how much your injuries hurt and affect your life.

Also, insurance companies have a good idea of how much various injuries hurt. They see these cases every day.

Of course, pain and suffering are still somewhat subjective. This area is open to negotiation, and it’s up to your attorney to make a convincing argument for more money.

These factors will influence your potential truck accident settlement. Keep in mind that all cases are different, and your lawyer is the best one to give you a possible settlement range for your specific injuries and circumstances.