The Consequences of Having Too Much Power

A lot of people in this world enjoy the feeling of having power and being in charge of others. This can be a very satisfying emotion to feel, but it is important to know that with a lot of power also comes a lot of negative things.

Power is always something fun to have, but if it is not handled responsibly it can become a negative aspect in anyone’s lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons that Diego Ruiz Duran believes that there should always be an even distribution of power in the world.

1.) Having too much power can cause an individual to start acting negatively different. Having too much power can cause that individual to not think rationally and becomes selfish rather than thinking about helping the people. Someone that has power needs to act like a leader and be helpful towards others who may need to help. If an individual who has a lot of power is acting selfish, chances are that the people are not going to be heard and are not going to be helped. This can be very dangerous in a government setting. For example, if leaders in the government or experiencing having too much power, they can start to overrule and can start making laws that are not beneficial to society. Many people can become hurt by these actions.

2.) If there is too much power in the government, chances are that money is not being distributed equally. Money is a great aspect in this society. It is important that people have enough money in order to survive. If the government leaders are not taking proper action to ensure that people are being said, taken care of and are giving equal opportunities than society can start to experience a lot more crime and a lot more negative aspects as well.

3.) If there is an individual that has too much power in a government setting, this can cause people to not have enough faith or trust in that person. It is important that the public and society trust their government leaders enough to know that they are making proper decisions and try their best to help out society. It is very important that the public understands that the leaders are there to provide help and support for anyone who may need it. Diego Ruiz Duran has stated before that it is crucial for government leaders to have an even distribution of powers so that each and everyone of them can have a say when it comes to passing different laws. Laws affect the way that people live and move forward with their lives. This is why it is very important that government leaders are taking proper action and are having that how are equally distributed among them.

Having too much power is definitely something seen as a negative aspect in any area. It is especially seen as a negative aspect in the government field.