Fad Diets

What was your new year’s resolution? Most people promise to lose weight but find it really difficult. We as a nation have been getting bigger and bigger around the waist line. Emergency Doctors like Cory Harow have noticed this growing problem. Harow is faced with a lot of people fighting for their lives. The excess weight has made working in the medical field more challenging. The bigger our waist line gets the more desperate we become to drop the pounds. Many have tried fad diets at least once in their life. What kind of fad diets have you tried? Just because something is a fad doesn’t make it bad or good. It just means that it is popular at that time. There are some diets that have been around for many years and all of a sudden they become popular. At this moment more people are choosing vegan meals. The impossible burgers, hot dogs, and chicken have made its debut. Meat alternatives are more available today than ever before. The umami taste has improved. In the past a meat replacement tasted like cardboard but not anymore. This diet fad is not a bad one. It encourages people to think twice what they are eating and to eat more fruits and veggies. With every diet, balance is needed. We all know that French fries and onion rings can be vegan as long as they are not cooked in animal fat. A person can only eat these and technically say they are vegan. This is not recommended. 

The egg diet has come and gone many times. This diet requires the person to eat eggs everyday along with other specific foods to achieve the best results. A meal plan is normally provided. Some choose the 11 day diet. This diet uses the concept of eating carbs with carbs and protein with protein. This diet is called fruit and veggies carbs. This concept comes from the history of eating before freezers and refrigerators were available. In the warm months families would eat mostly fruit and veggies due to the availability. During the winter months after the preserved fruit has dwindled down, they would depend on the animals that they raised. Every 11 days you will rotate four meals every day. Some will just consist of meat and others will only consist of fruit and veggies. For example for breakfast you might have eggs and cheese. For lunch you can have a salad with a no. Protein no fat dressing. For a snack you can have nuts. And for dinner you can have chili. This diet does work and you can have a balanced healthy lifestyle during it.

 This diet doesn’t exclude a whole food group. With this diet you are on 11 days and off so many days. If you know there is going to be a wedding on the weekend you can schedule that to be your off day. Regardless of what diet you choose, Cory Harow wants to remind everyone that the goal is to improve health.