Could CBD Oil Really Help You in Stressful and Anxious Situations?

Experts estimate that around a quarter of people will develop an anxiety disorder at least once in their lives, which manifests itself in symptoms such as panic attacks.

Anyone who has already had a panic attack knows the feeling of being entirely at the mercy of fear — a state that one does not want to experience at all, especially not regularly.

CBD oil and CBD products, in general, is now well-known for their many benefits. Today we are telling you more about CBD oil and its effect on anxiety and stress. You can also find out more about CBD in general by clicking here.

How does fear arise, could I help myself to front them?

Fear is a practical protective mechanism in our body and used to be an essential survival advantage. Fear signals to our body within milliseconds that a threat is imminent, and we must react to it.

During a panic attack, the body goes into a state of emergency, with more adrenaline being released and blood pressure skyrocketing.

A panic attack is always limited in time because the human body can only release a certain number of hormones such as serotonin, cortisol, or insulin. It is therefore not possible for the organism to maintain this state of panic over the long term. It is beneficial to keep this fact in mind in an acute panic situation and to know that it will pass again.

Studies prove the effect of CBD on anxiety disorders

As early as 2002, the anti-anxiety effect of CBD was confirmed in a study entitled “Effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on regional cerebral blood flow”:

  • Ten men took part in the study and were divided into two groups of five people each. While one group was given CBD for anxiety, the other group received a placebo.
  • The study results showed that CBD could alleviate the anxiety of the test subjects, even if one did not know why. If you want to read more about it, you can do so here.

CBD oil for social phobia

A cross-university study illustrates the effects of regular use of cannabidiols on patients with anxiety disorder, particularly the effect on social phobia. Among the anxiety disorders, social phobia is the most common phobia.

The evaluation parameters of this randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind study were the anxiety values ​​of 40 test persons, which were measured at the start of the research and after a 30-day treatment with CBD oil.

During the study, three participants had to leave the study for personal reasons. The remaining 37 subjects with an anxiety disorder were divided into 18 subjects who received a placebo and 19 subjects given CBD.

It’s hard to believe, but the anxiety levels of 17 of the 19 people who received the CBD supplement improved. The values ​​remained unchanged for one participant. Only in one subject did the anxiety values ​​worsen during the study period. After the study, the evaluation of the anxiety scores showed that the perceived anxiety symptoms had improved by an average of 32%.

The result showed that the regular intake of CBD leads to a very high probability of a significant improvement in symptoms. If you want to find out more about this study, you can read the entire process and all results here.

Dosage of CBD for stress problems

For CBD to be fully effective, it must be dosed correctly. It should always be noted that the active ingredient has a different effect on each person and that the dosage cannot be determined across the board.

You can generally orientate yourself on general guidelines and your experience because you can’t do much wrong. The risk of an overdose is virtually non-existent, and severe consequences of too high a dosage are not possible.

If you have not had any experience with CBD yourself, or if you don’t know which dosage would be most beneficial for your clinical picture, you can get information about the various options on In the case of existing medication treatment, it is advisable to speak to a doctor in advance about possible interactions.