JD Healthcare is One Element That Keeps Growing

Since the virus outbreak, JD is busy meeting the demands of people through online platforms and online services. To facilitate the people, it has also launched a free online consultation program in late January so that people suffering from symptoms like cold, cough, and diarrhea can consult doctors through the online hospital. 

The Beginning of Virtual Consultation

Beginning from the 6th of February, JD has expanded its online hospital services to be available 24 hours. Moreover, now the hospital caters to Coronavirus-like conditions and infectious diseases and deals with other conditions such as cardiology disorders, pulmonary disorders, and many more. This can aid people with proper treatment and reduce the risk of cross infections at the hospital. 

Here is one example of how JD is changing the face of healthcare.

It cost Ms. Wu Yang huge sums to treat her skin condition called vitiligo. Being associated with a remote small village, she could not find a proper treatment and ended up using inappropriate drugs recommended by local hospitals. In addition, her friends and colleagues also recommended some medicines which were not locally available.

One of the significant issues in China is the improper distribution of health resources. The hospitals in China are classified as Tier 3, Tier 2, and Tier 1. Tier 3 provides the best facilities. Hence, most people in China prefer Tier 3, but unfortunately, there are only 1,442 Tier 3 hospitals across the country. 

The Progress of JD Healthcare and Wellness

JD.com has been doing exceptionally well in providing medical health services to patients through JD healthcare and wellness. Almost 62% of doctors at JD healthcare come from Tier 3 hospitals, while 90% of patients are responded within 3 minutes. Through this virtual platform, patients are provided with excellent health care services. 

Wu has benefited from this platform. Dr. Wang, a dermatologist, has helped her treat her skin condition as she uploaded her medical records. Dr. Wang has many positive reviews from his patients. The online hospital also offers other services such as vaccine education, post-diagnosis health management, and health education. 

The Growth Of Real Value In Healthcare

JD has offered over one million online consultations, including 100,000 average daily consultation volume, out of which most are related to respiratory conditions. The hospital has almost 200 fully employed physicians, while many physicians are offering virtual consultations. 

JD has also offered a free hotline service to cater to the psychological issues of medical health professionals dealing with such stressful situations. It has also collaborated with top pharmaceuticals to provide appropriate drugs without increasing the price of medicines during the pandemic time. It also offers a live stream to educate and people aware of the coronavirus. This significantly contributed to reducing the anxiety of the general public. 

The Firm Is Upgrading Health Services 

JD health and wellness is keen to upgrade its health services. Hence, it has decided to offer online services through Smart Clinic, WeChat account for the people at People’s First hospital at Suiqan City. This will also facilitate insurance payments from Medication in Suqian city. In addition, it has also connected with local governments in areas such as Beijing’s Economical-Technological Development Area called the BDA. 

JD Health and wellness is the third unit after JD digits and JD logistics. However, it still aims to establish institutions such as the cardiology department and the department for chronic disease.