Healthy Options Can Be Easy When It Comes To Personal Care

This company is owned and run by a person who understands and cares about your health. As a wellness company, PureBeauty By Lorina ( understands the demands of life, and believes in products because they’ve seen it help themselves. The complete PureBeauty By Lorina catalog of products contains healthy options for wellness, cosmetics, skin care, and more. 

Did you know that when you light a candle, you could be putting carcinogenic elements into the air you breathe?  Lorina does.  She knows  what their customers are looking for and her products encourage calm. Whether you are busy with family, customers, or even zoom calls that never end, there is always time for a minute or two of mindfulness and a beat of relaxation.  In fact, when you take a break every hour for a few minutes, you are typically far more productive.

Finding time to create a balance between self-care and relaxation means planning it with most things.  With PureBeauty, you can simply light a candle, inhale the aromatherapy scent, and continue on with what you were doing.  That minute or two of a break can net you significant benefits over the long-term, including finding better sleep. 

As the founder of PureBeauty By Lorina, Lorina has personally said that she believes candles can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. At the end of the day, she lights one of her genuine pure soy candles and takes a moment to reflect on her day.  

And after you light your candle, you can even give yourself an “at home” spa treatment with the PureBeauty line of skincare.  From cleansers to moisturizers to treatments, the entire line is chemical free and chock full of organic benefits for your skin and your mind. 

Have a stressful day or one that is more sedentary?  Having trouble calming down your mind or reducing anxiety?  There’s a solution from PureBeauty at your fingertips…simply light a specific candle with aromatherapy that’s relevant to your needs and feel that stress blow away.

Right now, PureBeauty By Lorina is creating their seasonal blends for fall (which we can’t share yet) and along with that will be some new cosmetics.  These new aromas and designs are created by the staff, professionals, and in the home. Some of the company favorites were designed in Lorina’s home with her children. 

So whether you’re looking to pep up or calm down….relax or kindle that special time with a special someone, there’s a product to be found on PureBeauty By Lorina that fits your need.  With partnerships with major organizations like VirExit Technologies and the SaferPlace Market ( and others, it’s easy to find something special for yourself — or your special someone and have it delivered in time for your weekend.