5 Small Patio Design Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

5 Small Patio Design Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

Having a small patio can be one of the most frustrating things ever. You buy your house, excited to have a nice backyard, and when you move in, there’s not even enough room for the lawn furniture!

When buying patio furniture for a small outdoor space, choose items that can be more than one thing at a time. For instance, instead of just getting an iron table or chairs, get some that can become outdoor sofas as well – this way, they can be used for extra seating during parties and family gatherings.

To make the most out of a small patio space, follow these five tips:

1. Add A Sun Shade

One easy way to make the most of your outdoor space is by creating a sunshade for protection from the hot sun. You can do this simply with plants and trees strategically placed and grown over time. For example, grow vines like grapevines or jasmine up trellises around the walls, or perhaps along with pergolas. Or grow climbing roses if you have the yard space–they’re really lovely!

2. Decorate With Implements Of Pastime

If you spend any time at all on your patio, it stands to reason that you’ll want to be able to enjoy yourself there! To create an area where you can lounge around and relax on comfortable furniture–perhaps some comfy outdoor chairs with a table and side table nearby. Maybe some space to play croquet, badminton, or ping pong? You could easily create this area with patio furniture sets and also decorate it using garden equipment like watering cans and gardening tools–flowers are versatile!

3. Create A Firepit Or BBQ Grill Area

What better way to enjoy warm summer nights than sitting around your own fire pit on the patio? If you have kids that will inevitably be running in and out of the house all day long during summer break, why not create an outside room for them as well? Your patio could easily become their “backyard.” This would ensure that they stay near the house (where there are adults) and don’t go off into the woods. Just give them a small patio area, with some lawn chairs and a table, so they can sit outside in comfort while you’re inside doing your thing.

4. Build A Pergola To Frame You’re Outdoor Space

A pergola is another simple way to make full use of your patio area. It’s a structure erected over an outdoor path or walkway, often used for decoration or to shelter people as they pass between areas (it can also be used to grow vines). You could build one on the edge of your patio space, perhaps using old wooden pallets as the foundation. Or, if you have concrete where you want it, get creative! You can paint your pergola any color you like.

5. Plant Rows Of Flowers (Or Fruit Trees) Along The Edges

Flowers are one thing, but if you want more from your patio space than simply the ability to enjoy a few flowers and the fragrance they bring, combine them with something else! These could be fancy fruit trees that yield juicy fruit or vegetables for family meals together. Or it could be rows of berry bushes; use these for cooking as well so you and your family can enjoy fresh summer berries in pies, cobblers, salads, preserves, etc.

With these five ideas, you can enjoy your patio, whether it be large or small. So be sure to get out there and plant some new flowers and watch them grow!