What Should You Eat or Drink If You’re Feeling Sick?

What Should You Eat or Drink If You’re Feeling Sick?

If a person is feeling sick there are some things they can do to help the illness pass throughout the body. Helen Lee Schifter has some suggestions on how a person can get better sooner. Schifter has found that there are some foods that a person should eat when they are feeling sick that will help support the immune system.

Chicken Soup

This old cure from grandmothers around the world is actually one of the best things a person can have when they are sick. This soup is high in vitamins, minerals, and proteins which will give the immune system the power it needs to fight back against illnesses. This soup is also full of fluids and electrolytes which can help the body if a person is at risk of dehydrating. Chicken 

soup is warm which can help reduce the congestion a person is experiencing.


There are many health benefits to eating garlic. Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Garlic can be added to many dishes and it can be eaten cooked or raw. If the taste of garlic is too overpowering for some people they can take supplements that contain garlic. Garlic extracts have been shown to help improve the functioning of the immune system and decrease the symptoms of both colds and flu.

Coconut Water

This water contains a high number of electrolytes which will allow the body to stay hydrated. This is very important if a person has a fever. There is a small amount of natural sugar in coconut water which will give the body a boost of energy.

Hot Tea

Tea will help the body with congestion issues and it will also reduce irritation to the throat.

Tea will allow a person to stay hydrated. Tea contains polyphenols which have natural antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties.


Honey is recommended for its natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Honey will help give the immune system a boost and will help the body fight off infections. Honey can help suppress a cough and it can help a person feel better.


Ginger has anti-nausea effects which are very beneficial when a person is feeling ill. If a person is vomiting ginger can help relieve these symptoms. Ginger can be added to foods or a person can enjoy a cup of ginger tea. Even ginger ale can help a person get these benefits. When looking for products that contain ginger make sure real ginger or ginger extract is used and not just artificial flavoring.


This fruit is high in potassium which the body needs especially when a person is feeling sick. A banana is also nutrient-rich and will help restore the electrolytes in the body. Bananas also contain soluble fiber which will help reduce the impact of an upset stomach and will support the digestive tract.

These are some things that a person should eat or drink when they are sick as recommended by Helen Lee Schifter. These foods and drinks will help support the immune system and will help the body fight off the illness.